Sun Laboratories Inc. Gets Ready for Spring with it's Innovative Line of Self Tanning

Sun Laboratories showcases their product line and warns of UV radiation.

Online PR News – 21-February-2014 – Chatsworth, CA – Chatsworth, CA - Sun Laboratories showcases it's unique line of self tanning and tanning products. Spring is just around the corner and Sun Laboratories would like to remind everyone of the dangers of UV exposure from those hot rays of sunlight. According to a study released in the medical journal Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology, recent research has shown that exposure to UV radiation causes 80% of skin ageing. They found that when examining womens' faces, the ones with 80% damage look their age, while just a small increase or decrease in the percentage of skin damage makes the women look significantly older or younger than their age. We all know that tanning beds are dangerous for our bodies and our health. In fact, governments around the world are even moving to ban the use of tanning beds for minors.

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, our society continues to believe that a healthy tan is a sign of health, beauty and even affluence. So, how do you look beautiful while ensuring that you have minimal UV exposure? Sun Laboratories is the first professional self-tanning and spray tan manufacturer and they offer a variety of solutions to give you a tan while protecting your beautiful skin.

Sun Laboratories offers an excellent line of products that help to completely eliminate UV concerns by creating the means for consumers to get that perfect sun-kissed skin anytime of the year, and without exposure to harmful radiation. They offer a line of Sunless Tanning products that are customized to your skin type, the type of tan you want to have, and even a specialized formula for face tanning. Everyone is very busy around this time of year and with Sun Laboratories tanning products, they tan the skin overnight so there is no waiting for it to set in.

Sun Laboratories products are easy to apply and they are guaranteed to moisturize, protect the skin and they are great for all skin types. The products give you get a rich, deep tan with no streaks.

Sun Laboratories even offers a range of self tanning air brush systems for any need ranging from portable self tanning air brush systems to a variety of professional spray tanning booths that can all be enjoyed from the comfort of your home.

All of the tanning products can be ordered online through and you can quickly enjoy a beautiful tan without even paying retail prices. What's more is that you can visit the website to watch a tutorial that will show you how to apply the self tanning products to ensure that you get a beautiful clean finish.

Sun Laboratories has founded in 1983 by Gisela Hunter and continues on to lead the industry as the first professional self-tanning product manufacturer and distributor. Sun Laboratories prides itself on its wide variety of choice in innovative sunless self-tanning products.

Sun Lab innovative Sunless Tanning products available for order at for all of your tanning needs.