Costume Express Receives Mention In A NormsConference Article On Themed Office Parties

Costume Express has been mentioned in an article on holding themed office parties.

Online PR News – 21-February-2014 – Albany, NY – Costume Express has been mentioned in an article on holding themed office parties. The text comes from the popular website, which focuses on helping people make sure their business and conferencing affairs are in order. The article highlights a number of ideas on themed office parties, as well as how Costume Express is able to assist with this.

It is indeed becoming increasingly popular to throw office parties with a twist. Governments and business experts around the world are highlighting the importance of employee engagement, and explain how throwing parties for the staff enhances feelings of unity among them. This is something that has been known for a while, but the issue is that people tend to find office parties obligatory and tedious, rather than enjoyable.

"What we are seeing," says Roger Larkin, a workforce development expert, "is that people no longer want to attend their office party. They find they are forced into rubbing shoulders with people they don't even want to know, while eating poor quality food and cheap wine. This means that the intended effect of these parties - greater team work and increased feelings of appreciation, is totally lost."

The solution, according to websites like, is to have parties that revolve around a theme. Naturally, investing a little bit more in the parties and ensuring that the venue is nice and the food and drinks are of good quality, are also very important. However, it is about changing the perception of the office party by transforming it from something that is boring and obligatory to something that is fun that really makes people want to attend.

If an office party does follow a theme, it is very important to make sure that everything is in line with it. Asking staff members to come dressed up may be a scary thing to do, but it will immediately heighten the sense of anticipation, as staff members try to guess what others will be wearing. "An air of excited frisson is created," added Larkin, "as people try to find the best possible costume while trying to guess what others will be wearing too."

Through Costume Express, staff members will be able to find appropriate costumes, whether the party requires a simple fancy dress or actually follows a full theme. The theme suggestions in the article include summer BBQs, masquerade balls, celebrity themes, movie themes and a murder mystery. Naturally, many other themes are possible too, and through Costume Express, people will be able to get inspired and find the costumes they need.

For those interested in the article, they can find it here. It highlights how certain themes work and immediately links through to Costume Express, where the costumes can be obtained. It is an inspiring article, that will have many starting to plan their next office party.

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