Ferrocare Machines Pvt Ltd announces to offer premium quality electrostatic liquid cleaners

Ferrocare Machines Pvt Ltd is a leading provider of highly featured electrostatic liquid cleaner which is compatible for many industries. Since 1981, the company has made its mark in serving different industries like steel, aluminum, copper, power generation, etc.

Online PR News – 20-February-2014 – Pune, Maharashtra – Ferrocare Machines Pvt. Ltd. is set to offer high quality electrostatic cleaners incorporated with extraordinary features to give complete convenience to the clients. Located in Pune, Maharashtra, the company manufactures products which are sourced internationally or made in India, have always been well received by the commercial clients. All the products are designed to meet the standard and non-standard industry requirements.

The company manufactures Electrostatic liquid cleaner which serve the following features like fluid viscosity, fluid volume, fluid viscosity, application, sophistication of the hydraulic system, types of valves.
Initially the company sought to present Japanese companies having less exposure in the Indian commercial arcade. This was because, earlier all the Indian manufacturers were looking “westward”. Before 'Maruti' came, Japanese companies and products were not well known.

The company operates today, through its representatives, agents in the industry cluster, network offices all over the country. All our products are widely used in industries like ships to aircrafts, missiles to medical syringes, power generation, copper, steel, aluminum, automobile components, plastics processing and Ancillaries. The product range offered by Ferrocare Machines include Electrostatic liquid cleaner- ELC 25 A, Electrostatic liquid cleaner- ELC 50 C, Electrostatic liquid cleaner- ELC 8 LP and Electrostatic liquid cleaner- ELC 100 LP which are high performance oriented machines.

The senior spokesperson of the company threw light on the features of the electrostatic liquid cleaners which makes their product efficiently. He said, “The electrostatic liquid cleaning machines has always eliminated the burden of oil change, eliminates mechanical filters, and reduces rejection which enhances the life of the TRF pumps, seals, valves and oil. The machines are also environmentally friendly; promote no oil leakage, thus offering a long life of the equipment. The electrostatic liquid cleaner is cost effective with low operation and maintenance costs. More energy will be saved if the oil used is clean and changed after aggressive use (if done) in any industries”.

Further, the company has launched the online particle counter, PC 9000 machine which gives the particle count directly to spot the contamination level changes instantly to avoid system damage. With the real time hard data, preventive maintenance can also be planned. The products developed by the company go through vigorous testing, thus the output of the machines is simply satisfying. The pre sales and after sales service provided, has helped the company maintain its special place among the customers. It is possible because of the skilled workforce, which is constantly innovating new technology to design & re-design Electrostatic liquid cleaner to provide superior performance in medium and large scale industries.

Today the company takes great pride with the change and rapid pace of the Indian market, which even has a significant contribution made by the company in overall industrial progress.

About Ferrocare Machines Pvt. Ltd.:
Ferrocare Machines Pvt. Ltd. has come a long way since 1981 by providing customers more than required through products like Electrostatic liquid cleaner, Low vacuum dehydration & degasification- LVDH 50 and Magnetix. You can address your needs by visiting http://www.kompass.in/ferrocare-machinesand select products as per your criteria and specifications.