Celebrity Clairvoyant & Best Selling Author Goes Mainstream
20 February 2014
Are psychics replacing psychotherapists? Who would confide personal problems and desires to someone claiming extrasensory ability? Most "normal" individuals don't admit to such a thing. Chances are, however, there's a surprising number of highly respected people out there in communities across America secretly relying on a clairvoyant confidant. A 2002 CBS news poll found that 57% of the population believe in ESP while a similar 2005 Gallup survey states that only 41% of Americans believe in psychic phenomena. Despite an apparent decline in public support for paranormal perception though, for celebrity clairvoyant Jack Rourke, business is good. Jack Rourke is a surprisingly grounded individual. One might pass him on the street without ever considering he is a man who's used his reported ability to counsel billionaires, people who covertly fly America's most sophisticated drones, medical doctors, attorneys, cops and just about any other respected professional one can imagine. "The days when only simple minded and emotionally vulnerable people go to psychics are over. Psychics are relatively mainstream although it's understandable why a reputable person would keep their relationship with their psychic private. There are just too many self-professed sensitives misrepresenting the service properly motivated, genuine psychics provide," says Jack. Inquiring whether most people just want advice on money or their love life Jack concedes this is common. Examining the praise he's cataloged from former clients tells a different story though. It demonstrates Jack's psychic goes much deeper. One man, who asked to remain anonymous writes, "Everything you told me in our reading more than a year ago has come true with regard to my job. I was recruited after my first year to work in a dream-come-true clandestine assignment just like you said. I do think of you from time to time and how powerful your readings were." Another woman says, "As a scientist and medical professional, I place high value on rational, ego-less, non-dogmatic ways of discerning what IS true from what I wish to be true. Jack surpassed on all counts, and with a palpable, grounded sincerity. Months after my reading, the benefits still continue." Learning a fresh perspective on psychic phenomena as well as the people that offer this secretly sought after and valuable service is an interesting conversation worth having. Jack Rourke performs spontaneous causal street readings for NBC TV: http://vimeo.com/57972900