Management Training Courses from Righttrack Consultancy Bearing Fruit for New Age Professionals

Righttrack Consultancy is a reputed learning and training service provider. Their main focus is providing in-house training solutions to public and private companies in the UK.

Online PR News – 14-July-2010 – – For Immediate Release

RightTrack Consultancy’s Management Training courses are the perfect solution for new age managers facing management blues.
Redditch, United Kingdom, July 9th 2010 – Nationwide training and management consultancy expert RightTrack Consultancy have seen excellent take up on their new line of management training schemes. The schemes have been designed specifically to cope with the demands of modern business, allowing new management staff (who are often hired out of university with no on the job experience) to develop skill sets and behavioural habits that fit them well for their new positions.

The advantages, say participating companies, is clear. When a company tries to instil management training of its own, it must, by default, take an experienced member of managerial staff away from his or her regular duties, in order that he or she can perform the training. That’s extremely counter productive in any time pressured or cost pressured environment: and that’s a description that applies to pretty much every business in the UK. Rather than taking their most effective staff out of duty to perform management training for new employees, these companies are increasingly turning to RightTrack Consultancy to do the job for them.

The understanding is this: the employee being trained is not yet capable of managing a team on his or her own, so there’s no point in letting him or her do it. That also means that taking him or her out of regular business for a day or two to complete a RightTrack management training module involves no loss of fully active staff – because the staff in question is not yet fully active. Therefore there’s no real loss of productivity and everyone, in the long run, goes home happy.

RightTrack Consultancy management training courses are proving such a success for another reason, too – they are deliberately formatted to work around a company’s daily routine. If necessary, management can be trained on site by visiting trainers, ensuring they don’t miss a single day’s work. In the modern business world, that’s a success story RightTrack Consultancy can build, and are building, on.

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