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Buy and Sell Gold is an online service that offers its registered customers the convenience of getting some easy and quick cash by selling their old and unused gold through a fast, efficient and customer friendly process.

Online PR News – 14-July-2010 – – Buy and Sell Gold is a convenient option available to customers who have old and unused jewelry, gold coins, necklaces, brooches, cuff links, ear rings, tie clips and other similar gold items to dispose off. It is the most convenient way to get money for gold from the comfort of your homes.

The process is fast, efficient and customer-friendly. All you have to do is place your valuables in a prepaid, pre-addressed mailing envelope provided to you along with the completed and signed Customer Return card.

Buy and Sell Gold provides total transparency in the process by video recording your package on arrival and weighing it accurately on an electronically calibrated scale. The gold items are then subjected to a series of tests to establish their carat grade. The gold is also subjected to multiple purity tests to rule out any inaccuracy.

After carefully processing the items at their state-of-the-art refining facility, an offer is made within 24 hours. The weight of the gold ornaments, their purity and the current market price are carefully considered before making the offer.

To make the process secure and maintain complete privacy, the offer is posted on their easy-to-navigate website where you can login, using the secure ID and password. If the offer is attractive enough for you to accept, a swift payout is ensured. Else, the items are sent back via first class mail at no cost you.

Buy and Sell Gold is the best option to sell gold and jewelry items because they offer several advantages. The whole process can be monitored and completed without stepping out of your home. Complete transparency in the process ensures that you have nothing to worry about your precious jewelry.

The offers are made in advance unlike other similar service providers. Customers are at complete liberty to accept or reject their offers without any obligations. You can expect immediate payments if you are satisfied with their offer. If you do not accept the offer, the items are returned back promptly and securely.

Their low overhead allows the gold refiners to make the most lucrative offers to the clients. They promise to beat any offer from their competitors by a neat ten percent for your valuable gold items. The site does not act as a middle man or a broker of your items. Being refiners themselves makes it possible for them to get you the most attractive offer than any other similar service providers.

There are however a few things to remember when you sell your unused or broken jewelry to Buy and Sell Gold. Only legal owners of the merchandise have the right to sell the gold items. They cannot represent or act on someone else’s behalf. You must also ensure that the gold that you intend to sell is free from any encumbrances and claims.

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