Gantt chart in ProofHub, an online collaboration and project management tool gets bigger and better

In its latest updates, ProofHub announced the addition of subtasks and completed tasks in the Gantt chart along with the ability to view it in a particular to-do list

Online PR News – 19-February-2014 – Clifton, New Jersey – For a manager, client or someone managing several assignments or projects in one go, Gantt chart feature in ProofHub is a blessing in disguise. Not only it lets the users view each and every to-do list and projects in a visually appealing chart, it also them track individual performance in a particular project and the overall project performance.

All this if analyzed carefully, could help a team take timely precautions and measures to deliver a project on time, in case any discrepancies arise at any phase of the project. Just by having a look at the chart, a user can discern if a project is on track and everybody involved is doing their assigned work on time. In case there is a delay in any task, it can be assigned to another person so that it does not affect the dependent task, and in the longer run the whole project. This is where task dependencies come of great help.

With so much already in ProofHub’s Gantt chart, there are some more new enhancements, that have extended the usability of this feature even more. Earlier, each task was marked done in the to-do list became hidden in the Gantt chart, but now any user accessing the Gantt chart, would be able to see the completed tasks too in their Gantt chart, to learn how much has been done so far.

Along with that, account holders can now choose to view a particular to-do list in the Gantt chart. All they have to do is click on the “display in the Gantt chart” option while creating a to-do list and the same list would appear in the Gantt chart as well. Additionaly, subtasks can also be viewed in the Gannt chart, next to the main task to which they are added.

“We always strive to offer as much functionality and ease to our users. After providing our users with an in-built Gantt chart, we have now extended as much usability to them in this one great feature. Depending on their personal needs and requirements they can opt for that option that best suits them. There’s nothing forced to them, as they have a control over what they see and how they see, comnented Team ProofHub on the launch.

About ProofHub:

ProofHub is a web-based project management system that facilitates better management over a project by making it more structured, organized and coordinated. The projects can be executed faster with proper utilization of allocated resources. The tasks can be better distributed, allocated, scheduled, executed, tracked and controlled through use of this tool. It enables easy and spontaneous communication and collaboration amongst team members who may be based in different parts of the world and thus they can resolve important project matters quickly. A project gets finished on time and an organization is able to achieve its key objectives. This helps it to win over new clients and customers and which leads to its growth and prosperity.