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03/14/2009 is currently under a new management and the product has been updated to the latest 2009 version. The latest spyware removal software is available for download at the website.

Online PR News – 14-March-2009 – – Samford, USA - It has been reported that a vast majority of people whose computers are connected to the internet but without any spyware removal or adware removal tools are infected with some kind of virus, Trojan, spyware or adware programs without their knowledge. These malicious programs install themselves discreetly using backdoor entry points and try to steal information from computers for illegal activities such as sending spam mails. Certain websites block access to personal computers.that happens, such computers have been compromised. When servers come across any suspicious activity, they will block access to such suspicious IPs to prevent any further damage. Getting blocked from accessing a website is not as serious as losing our personal data to third parties who may misuse them.

The malicious software programs and spyware programs that sneak into computers can cause a variety of damage. Some of them just sit there and watch computer users' activities and communicate to the person who installed the malicious software;others will take screen shots of our computer activity and send them regularly to some third party. There are other programs that aim at all the login details and other sensitive information such as our credit card details and our bank account details. The data in our computer can be misused in a variety of ways and the damage caused to us can be of various degrees depending on the nature of the malicious program that is housed in our computer without our knowledge.

Online security experts advise that we should be always fully guarded against these malicious tools and programs. We should never go online without a proper firewall, antivirus program and spyware removal and adware removal tools.

One of the best anti-spyware software that is available online is from They have state of the art spyware removal and adware removal tool to protect online security named Spyware and Adware Remover 2009. is currently under a new management and the product has been updated to latest version, 2009. Users can scan your PC via download; it is free for download at Anti-spyware software, protects against all types of malicious programs. This spyware removal software has been enabled for automatic updates so that users do not have to worry about keeping your online security up to date against the latest threats. Unlike the other anti-spyware software programs and adware removal protections, this software does not hamper system’s performance, and computers will continue to run at optimal performance levels. With this latest software tool users can get rid of all annoying pop ups, prevent all forms of data corruption, blocks hackers from sneaking into their computers and much more. For more information on this useful tool, visit

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