Website Valuation Checker Tool Released

Website valuation tool analyzes over 26 metrics in evaluating the value of your website or domain.

Online PR News – 13-July-2010 – – Your URL Live is launching its newest tool that will evaluate the value of any website, blog or top level domain in 30 seconds or less. is a website valuation tool that you can use to find out the different traffic metrics and search engine ranking criteria of a website to estimate what the site would be worth in the open market if you were going to sell (or buy) it.

The website valuation tool will analyze many different criteria in order to give the best estimated value of any website or domain that you enter into it. It only takes about the same time as it does to pour a cup of coffee to get a full site valuation with 25 evaluation results of the criteria that are used to determine the value of your website or domain. Among the results that you will receive with your site evaluation are:

1. Current PageRank level (1-10) if any
2. Inbound links count from the major search engines: Google, Yahoo, AltaVista, and AllTheWeb
3. Authority directory listings - whether or not it's listed in DMOZ or the Yahoo Directory
4. Outbound links - how many links are going to other sites (less is best)
5. Traffic metrics - Alexa ranking, Compete ranking and snapshots for both
6. Webhost/Server Data - IP address of the website host, country it's located, and the load time of the website
7. Google Maps - The website evaluation tool is integrated with the Google maps api to give you a real-time view of the exact location of the location of the website host. Available in satellite or map view.
8. Age of the site - will let you know how old the website or domain is; in other words how many days, weeks or years ago that it was originally registered.
9. Archives - will give you the option to click a link to view all of the results in (largest online repository for archived website info) for your website.
10. IP Neighbors - You'll find out who your online neighbors are with this result. Find out who else shares your IP address to see what other kind of websites are residing on the same host.
11. Whois - Whois result tells you who owns the domain, their contact details including name, address, phone and email, the date the domain was registered and even more information about the website domain.
12. Website Snapshot - This will give you a live snapshot or "photo" if you will, of what the website looks like right now.

So if you are in the market to buy a website, looking to sell your existing site, or are just curious about how much your website, blog or domain might sell for than this could be worth checking into. It doesn't cost anything to get an website valuation and it will give you a good idea on how or where to proceed from there.