Wireless Innovation Forum Solicits Call for Input on SCA 4.0 in Four Areas

Seeking Contributions on DSP and FPGA Operating Environments, Managing Errors and Exceptions, Capacity Performance Modeling and Document Organization

Online PR News – 18-February-2014 – Washington, DC – The Wireless Innovation Forum, a non-profit international industry association dedicated to driving the future of radio communications and systems worldwide, today announced that it is seeking contributions for changes to SCA 4.0 in four areas. The request is led by the Forum’s Coordinating Committee on International SCA Standards.

The four areas in which the Committee is requesting recommendations includes:

1. DSP and FPGA Operating Environments
a. Problem/Issue to be addressed
i. Clerical errors in Appendix B
ii. Porting DSP and FPGA code is high cost
iii. Other issues with DSP/FPGA components
b. Objective
i. Add DSP/FPGA OE requirements to SCA OE
ii. Proposed DSP/FPGA OE should not create compatibility issues with SCA 2.2.2
2. Managing Errors and Exceptions
a. Problem/Issue
i. Behaviours and definitions of the currently defined 40+ exceptions are inconsistently specified.
ii. Producers of errors and exceptions are well-established but organization of said exceptions by consumers and/or severity is ill defined,
b. Objective
i. Develop a consistent strategy with regards to exception and error handling by identifying specific use cases and contractual behaviours
3. Capacity Performance Modeling
a. Problem/Issue
i. Need to understand platform performance (MIPS, transport latency, etc.) to determine if waveform can run
ii. Need to understand waveform requirements (MIPS, transport latency, etc.) to determine how to build platform
b. Objective
i. Standardize how to measure and present performance specifications (waveform and platform) to better facilitate portability
ii. Could be delivered as metadata
4. Document Organization

Companies wishing to make a contribution should contact Lee Pucker at Lee.Pucker@WirelessInnovation.org by close of business on 6 March 2014 indicating their intent to contribute and the date in which the contribution will be made. Contributors will retain the copyright ownership of their original work, while at the same time granting the Forum a non-exclusive, irrevocable, worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free license under the Contributor’s copyrights to reproduce, distribute, publish, display, perform, and create derivative works of the contribution based on that original work under the Forum's own copyright. Permission is granted to the Forum’s participants to copy any portion of this document for legitimate purposes of the Forum. Copying for monetary gain or for other non-Forum related purposes is prohibited.

Contributions received may be used in whole or in part in providing recommendations to the JTNC on proposed modifications to be included in SCA 4.1. Contributions will be treated as input documents by the Forum, with subsequent development managed following the Forum’s approved process (http://www.wirelessinnovation.org/page/Document_Approval_Process> ).

Wireless Innovation Forum member representatives have initiated and led multiple work efforts that promote their organization’s specific objectives through the creation of reports, recommendations and specifications that are widely used by the advanced wireless community. The importance of these "work products" is reflected in the fact that over 22,000 individual documents were downloaded from the Forum’s Work Products document library in 2013 alone.

Established in 1996, The Wireless Innovation Forum (SDR Forum Version 2.0) is a non-profit mutual benefit corporation dedicated to advocating for spectrum innovation, and advancing radio technologies that support essential or critical communications worldwide. Members bring a broad base of experience in Software Defined Radio (SDR), Cognitive Radio(CR) and Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) technologies in diverse markets and at all levels of the wireless value chain to address emerging wireless communications requirements. To learn more about The Wireless Innovation Forum, its meetings and membership benefits, visit www.WirelessInnovation.org.

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