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Online PR News – 13-July-2010 – – WSalesLeads to provide contact details of 99% website hits

July 12, 2010 – Most companies seem to invest hefty sums in their websites’ homepages, but still the pity is that they are not able to find out that who is visiting their sites, when do most visitors visit their site and how frequent their visits are. Now with, businesses are able to identify their new potential customers and get more accurate information about the visitors of their websites. It allows the businesses to get access to the information on their next sales Leads, the specific characteristics of some specific customers and to devise new strategies to draw more customers and visitors at their websites.

In this every moment changing world of technology, it’s almost impossible for any business to survive without making the most of detailed on-time information related to its specific field. Businesses can attain their set goals as well as thrive only if they develop their strategies by making the most of available information. No doubt, accurate and on-time information play a pivotal role in the success or failure of some business. The importance of getting accurate and instant information has increased manifold for e-businesses, as they rely more on information than the traditional businesses do. WSalesLeads was created keeping this very importance of well-organized and detailed information for online businesses in mind. Now with WSalesLeads, users will be able to get contact details (name/address) of almost 99% of their website hits.

By utilizing its advanced identification programs, WSalesLeads automatically identifies those who visit your website. Its different identification programs search and retrieve information from public database within the twinkling of an eye. Usually, just 1% of most websites homepage hits initiate themselves, contrarily, with WSL as low as 25% of homepage hits can be identified. The identification program introduced by WSL provides with new lead generation at very low contract prices and it returns quite high on your investment.

Now with WSalesLeads, the users would see a considerable boost in their sales as it enables them to utilize their resources in more efficient way. Similarly, businesses will be able to access a large client base and they could render better services to their existing customers.

It was in 2001 when the first version of identification programs was introduced and the basic purpose behind its creation was to get rid of the disappointment that businesses had to bear after their hefty initial investments in homepages. The product has seen tremendous growth in a very short span of time and further development is being done to make it even better. WSalesLeads is being developed with the very aim of enhancing the conversion rate of its customers, as it enables customers to sell their products to most of those customers who just come to visit their websites. They have also been offering well-qualified support for their product, so that person with any IT qualification can easily use their product.

Small businesses as well as large organizations have to take certain steps to take their businesses to the next level. And the most important step that an organization or business can take is to make it sure that it’s getting accurate information and utilizing the available information in a right way.

When businesses have right information on their website visits, they can utilize their sources well and develop their marketing and other strategies by making the most of these sources. can definitely prove very helpful for all those online businesses looking for developing a proper strategy to boost their sales, as it can really do wonders it increase the conversion rates and turn visitors into potential customers.

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