BPS Introduces Tier Pricing Model For Its Operations Management Suite

Update Enables Document Scanning Operations to Select Tier that Best Serves Their Needs
Portsmouth, New Hampshire – February 14, 2014

Online PR News – 19-February-2014 – Portsmouth, NH – News Summary

To better match the specific needs of document scanning and reprographics operation centers, Be Productive Systems introduced a complete refresh of their pricing model by introducing tiers for its family of document job tracking software applications. This new pricing paradigm came from discussions and interactions with existing customers, prospects and industry leaders.

News Facts

Be Productive Systems announced today a new tiered pricing model for Production Manager and its companion, Client Portal. This approach is designed to better enable the document management operations marketplace to find the right mix of services, capabilities, and pricing.

Be Productive Systems helps to simplify operations management, drive end customer retention and enable faster business acquisition by providing an operations management platform design for the document management industry by document management experts.
Program Details

The new pricing is presented in three distinct tiers: Basic, Professional and Enterprise. Each one provides a specific value proposition for in-house and for-profit operations alike, as follows:

The Basic Tier is for operations that are seeking to improve productivity and automate work in progress (WIP) management. Tier includes all Production Manager’s standard features: administrative and production users, client and projects management, unlimited task, unlimited metrics, standard reports and analytics, work instructions management, batch and WIP management, time keeping, and a due-date sorted WIP virtual whiteboard.

The Professional Tier is for organizations that want the Basic Tier plus the Client Portal. The Client Portal helps drives client retention, and serves as a strong competitive differentiator in securing new end customers – a big plus with for-profit service bureaus.

The Enterprise Tier was conceived to serve those operations that want all the Professional Tier features, plus the ability to create and customize their own reports, integrate their image capture, data capture, and/or accounting applications into Production Manager and private label their Client Portal.

Supporting Quotes

Michael Dailey, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Be Productive Systems

“As document scanning and reprographics businesses look to adopt next-generation production management solutions, the right tools at the right price can make all the difference. Our new tiered offerings serve to fit those needs for our global base of clients.”

About Be Productive Systems

Be Productive Systems is a global leader in enabling document management services companies to transform their operations and customer relations through superior operations management. Through an array of products and services, Be Productive Systems stimulates productivity gains, drive compliance and client retention and aids in the growth of its users’ clientele and bottom lines.