New South Sea Pearls Jewelry Offered by Johnston Opals

The company finds out major reasons behind the increase in demand for opal jewelry and south sea pearls. This press release discusses their findings in detail.

Online PR News – 18-February-2014 – Melbourne, VIC – Gemstones and pearls like diamonds have always been a woman’s most treasured jewels. Gone are the days when buying opals in Australia was a big thing and very few people owned them. With people’s desire to cherish wearing something unique, expensive yet elegant has augmented the demand for these gems in cut as well as uncut form. Johnston Opals, the top-notch company stocking and selling doublet opals tries to find out what could possibly be the reason that has pushed the sales of these expensive stones.

According to the company the beauty and luminosity of opals in Australia has chiefly augmented the demand for same among woman working or non-working and tourists. For many opal-owners it is like wearing the seven attractive colors of rainbow whether when they buy doublet opal rings, necklace and pendants to adorn their casket of jewelry. These incandescent stones are worth the value one spends to own them.

There are many dealers who also offer a brilliant and mind-blowing collection of south sea pearls with the accreditation certificate to justify the authenticity of these mystifying and eye-pleasing pearls. The company also finds out that white, black, gold and aqua blue south sea pearls are a great way of adoring a different one on every occasion.

Looking at the rise in the demand of doublet opals, Johnston Opals believes that buying opals or pearls from an all-inclusive range is worth the value for money. To find a new and exclusive range of pearl jewelry pieces browse through

About Us:

Johnston Opals one of the renowned and prominent Australian family owned business that has been supplying some of the finest and most enigmatic opals In Australia since a century. They have been a hub of the world’s largest and widest selection of doublet opals in loose, rough and cut stones studded in all type of jewelry ranging from rings, earrings, necklaces and pendants. The best and most unique thing about their range of jewelry they are made by using 14ct silver and 18ct gold. If you are looking for the most fabulous pearls they have an all-inclusive range of black, white, gold and blue south sea pearls.