Natural Agate Celebrates 10 Years of Online Agate Stone Store

Natural Agate is a manufacturer, supplier, exporter and wholesaler of a wide range of world-class agate products which are made available to the customers through a hassle-free online shopping experience.

Online PR News – 18-February-2014 – Khambhat, Gujarat – Natural Agate, which came into operation 10 years back, has managed to gain an astounding reputation in these years with its high-quality products and incredible customer support services. Natural Agate offers a wide range of beads and gemstones, metaphysical and healing products. Of its broad spectrum of products, the Agate stones are among the most popular products which the company has been offering for five years through its website.

Agate, a name that symbolizes harmony and strength, is fundamentally a grounding stone that brings physical, emotional and intellectual balance. Agate encompasses a variety of banded Chalcedony, which is a mineral that hails from Quartz family. These stones are generally banded in layers or stripes, but some of these possess fossilized inclusions and "eye" markings as well. Since the concentric bands of these stones form in almost all the colours one can imagine, these are also known as "earth rainbow".

Metaphysically, Agate possesses a lower intensity and as compared to other stones, it vibrates to a slower frequency. But, it is highly regarded for its healing power and strengthening & stabilizing influence. Agate is believed to have the power of harmonizing the positive and negative forces, namely yin and yang, which hold the universe in place. Though Agate works a bit slowly, but it brings great strength.

People prefer to wear or use it in some forms like necklaces, key chains and pendants etc. so that it stays close to them. The main agenda of using Agate is seeking protection from bad dreams and malignant energies around us. Well, it not just gives the wearer a spiritual protection but is helpful in promoting physical health and inner strength. However, the most vital aspect that one must consider while purchasing Agate is its purity.

While there are several online and physical stores who provide Agate to customers but some of them do not deal with original stones. On the other hand, Natural Agate is an online store whose biggest strength is quality. They provide only the natural and world-class Agate products to their customers. Natural Agate launched with the sole purpose of helping its customers with high quality gemstones along with extensive information about their properties. They ensure that the all the crystals and stones are hand-picked. This is one of the reasons that company has completed 10 successful years and their customer base in increasing considerably with time.

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