Banckle Announces .NET Libraries and RESTful APIs for CRM Apps Development

Banckle has released its CRM RESTful APIs and wrapper libraries for .NET developers in the form of Banckle CRM .NET Wrapper and have also provided users with Swagger explorer for describing how to use these RESTful APIs.

Online PR News – 18-February-2014 – Lane Cove, NSW – Banckle has released RESTful APIs to ease the development of CRM App for their customers and to simplify the client adoption. Since Banckle has provided Swagger Explorer to its customers to describe how to build the Banckle CRM tool, enhancing the functionality of existing systems or integrating CRM to their platform it has become even easier to test the functionality of these apps and see the response in XML and JSON pattern. You can read the following blog to know more about how to integrate CRM app with your platform.

Banckle has already exposed a set of APIs for its applications and after receiving good response from developer community they have been working on some wrapper libraries so that developers can use Banckle CRM RESTful APIs Wrapper in all major languages. They have released the first batch of these wrapper libraries for .NET developers in the form of Banckle CRM .NET Wrapper. These are released for the fellow developers belonging to .NET community.

See the following steps to learn how to integrate Banckle CRM App with your .NET Platform

1. Download the latest release. Extract the archive and place Banckle.dll in an appropriate place for inclusion in your project. You can download the latest release from the following link:
2. Add a reference to your project for the dll.
3. Add "using" statements to your code for the following namespaces: using Banckle;
4. Create a BanckleAPI object and make API calls!

See the code samples given below to know how to use this API.

.NET Code for Getting All the Contacts

Banckle.Contacts bcrmContacts = new Banckle.Contacts();
bcrmContacts.APIKey = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx";

/// For the Full Contacts...
List list = bcrmContacts.GetContacts();

for (int i = 0; i < list.Count; i++) // Loop through List with for
System.Console.WriteLine("Description: " + list[i].description);
for (int j = 0; j < list[i].emails.Count(); j++)
System.Console.WriteLine("Address: "+list[i].emails[j].address);
for (int j = 0; j < list[i].tags.Count(); j++)
System.Console.WriteLine("Tags: "+list[i].tags[j].name);

.NET Code for Getting Contact by ID

/// For Contact by ID...
Banckle.ContactDetails contact = bcrmContacts.GetContactById("xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx");

System.Console.WriteLine("Description: " + contact.description);
for (int j = 0; j < contact.emails.Count(); j++)
System.Console.WriteLine("Email: " + contact.emails[j].address);

for (int j = 0; j < contact.tags.Count(); j++)
System.Console.WriteLine("Tags: " + contact.tags[j].name);

.NET Code to Create a Person in your Contact

/// To Create a Person
Banckle.Person person = new Banckle.Person("1 New", "Contact");
person.title = "1 Test";
person.role = "1 Tester";
//person.companyId = "5a1a6b06a9934257950dcf938a20b253";
person.description = "Tester for New Contact - 1";
person.birthDay = "01-01-1920";
person.skypeId = "1-test";
Banckle.Email[] emails = { new Banckle.Email("personal", ""), new Banckle.Email("office", "") };
Banckle.Phone[] phones = { new Banckle.Phone("personal", "03333333333"), new Banckle.Phone("office", "0444444444") };
Banckle.Note[] notes = { new Banckle.Note("This is the first note"), new Banckle.Note("This is the 2nd note") };
Banckle.Tags[] tags = { new Banckle.Tags("First Tag"), new Banckle.Tags("Second Tag") };
Banckle.Social[] socials = { new Banckle.Social("personal", "facebook", "facebookOne"), new Banckle.Social("personal", "Linkedin", "LinkedinOne"), new Banckle.Social("personal", "Tweeter", "TweeterOne") };
Banckle.Address[] addresss = { new Banckle.Address("personal", "F77", "The New Town", "Faisalabad", "38000", "Punjab", "Pakistan"), new Banckle.Address("Office", "F70", "New Gardens", "Faisalabad", "38000", "Punjab", "Pakistan") };
Banckle.Website[] websites = { new Banckle.Website("business", ""), new Banckle.Website("personal", "") };

person.emails = emails; = phones;
person.notes = notes;
person.tags = tags;
person.socials = socials;
person.address = addresss;
person.websites = websites;

System.Web.Script.Serialization.JavaScriptSerializer serializer = new System.Web.Script.Serialization.JavaScriptSerializer();
string DATA = serializer.Serialize(person);


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Banckle CRM Application allows you to manage all of your CRM tools in one place. Banckle CRM provides you easy online customer relationship management (CRM) tools for busy and dispersed teams. Stay in touch with colleagues and customers, manage tasks and view the pipeline, all in one place. Get a real time picture of your business, right on your web based CRM application dashboard. See instant updates about the total pipeline value, sales teams' activities and customer communication. View personalized to-do task list for every team member, keeps everyone focused and gets things done.

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