Keypoint’s business telephone system offers a refreshing model

Kent based business comms expert Keypoint Communications has followed on from its cat among the pigeons cheap business phone calls act by introducing pay per item telephone systems to the UK market. BT and co, needless to say, are having kittens.

Online PR News – 13-July-2010 – – Keypoint stirred up the business comms market a few months back with their revolutionary new honest cheap business phone calls tariff. The tariff offered customers stupendous “savings” on their business calls – savings in inverted commas, in that all it really did was remove all the skulduggery that had previously been the norm in business phone contracts. Traditionally, companies like BT were used to fleecing business customers six ways from Sunday, by forcing them into long term contracts they didn’t really want; charging them for calls they never made (with minimum call lengths charged sometimes at almost 800 times the length of an actual call); and levying installation fees.

Keypoint, having decided that robbing your own customer base probably wasn’t the best way to run a business in a recession, developed an alternative plan to deliver real, cheap business phone calls – and the response was staggering. Customers defected from BT and co in flocks, understandably attracted by the idea that they could only pay for the phone calls they were making, wouldn’t have to pay connection fees and could step out of their contract whenever they wanted.

Thing is, it’s not just a cheap business calls price tariff that Keypoint offers. Keypoint’s whole business is in corporate comms, which means they also design, install and maintain any and every kind of business telephone system. And that’s another area where the industry old boys have been happily taking huge chunks of their customer’s hard earned cash without any real justification. As with their punishing call tariffs, the communications old guard usually stick important bits of a telephone system (like call forwarding and caller ID) into an unwieldy and expensive package with a load of junk no-one is ever going to use. The customer who wants a telephone systems that offers caller ID, of call forwarding, is obliged to buy everything else in the package too.

Well, no more. Keypoint’s transparent telephone system installations sell businesses the items they want, individually. If a company wants caller ID in its telephone system, it pays for that and nothing else. Call forwarding? Same. And so on. Whatever a business needs, Keypoint installs. The rest, as they say, is silence.

Now. In a post-recessionary financial landscape, one would think that transparent pricing (i.e., saving customers as much money as possible) would be second nature. Apparently, in the communications world, that’s only true if your name is Keypoint.

Genuinely cheap business phone calls; an easy and effective telephone system, with caller ID and call forwarding only included if they are actually required. Everyone else is still stuck in the Dark Ages. Keypoint, taking their own cue from their hugely successful innovations of the past 12 months, continue to bring a fresh brand of honesty to the business communications market place.