Players Indoor Sports Complex In Naperville Goes Green With New Lighting
18 February 2014
Players Indoor Sports Center in Naperville is getting greener. Already outfitted with state-of-the-art indoor turf, the indoor sports complex recently replaced 117 halide lights with LED lighting. The new lights are 50-60% more energy efficient and will save 26,000 kWh of energy monthly. The Chicago indoor sports center was able to implement the change thanks to a partial grant received through the City of Naperville and the Illinois Municipal Electric Agency (IMEA) Electric Efficiency Program. As customers in Naperville cut down their consumption, it saves the city money on its wholesale power costs. “The light fixtures were custom built for our facility by Cireon. The company came in to do a light reading, then designed the fixtures to have the same lumens we already had, but with 50 to 60% better efficiency. It took about 10 days to undergo the replacement which comes out to about half of one of our fields a day. The total project took 3 months from start to end," said Doug Kluener, CAO and General Manager of Players Indoor Sports Center ( Over the course of the next 25 years the lights are expected to: • Save 20,000,000 lbs. of Carbon Dioxide emissions • Save 9,000,000 Kilowatt hours (kWh) of electric • Save 7,000,000 lbs. of coal These energy savings are the equivalent of planting 9,800 large trees. "Customers have already noticed a difference. It’s a much whiter light. More like being outside. In the summer, the new lights will be easier to keep cool, which means we’ll be able to use less air-conditioning, which also helps save on energy costs and protecting the environment," said Kluener. The thermal reading on the new lights is 90-105 degrees, compared to the old lights readings in excess of 1500 degrees. "Health and fitness for Naperville families is our business so it is only fitting that we did our part for the health of the environment as well," said Ronni Kluener, Program Manager at Players Indoor Sports Center. Players Indoor is a popular spot for corporate event venues and birthday parties, offering a fun and unique alternative to more traditional settings. The 95,000-square-foot complex offers a number of packages to suit any occasion and each can be customized to fit any size budget. Every event is privately held with expert staff facilitating the party. To learn more about Players Indoor Sports Center, visit