Golf Instructor Rich Greenwood Introduces a New, Scientific and Faster Method to a Great Golf Swing

Golf Instructor Rich Greenwood introduces a "New, Scientific and Faster Method to a Great Golf Swing".

Online PR News – 17-February-2014 – Agoura Hills, California – Rich Greenwood, Director of Instruction at Tour Golf in Agoura Hills, California introduces a “New, Scientific and Faster Method to a Great Golf Swing”. The new technology is called Hotlines. Hotlines Technology was developed by Oswald Drawdy of Accelerized Golf based out of Atlanta, Georgia. This revolutionary system now gives golfers for the first time feedback to when they do something incorrect or correct in the golf swing. Rich states, “It was always tough to get the student to stop mid swing when they did something incorrect”. Rich can now put a Hotline anywhere in the golf swing where he doesn’t want the student to go. If the student hits the line with their club or comes off the line with their body the sensor triggers the tee and the ball drops into the ground thus making the student swing and completely miss the ball. Rich says, “As teachers this helps us focus our students on the exact location to when a flaw occurs in the swing.” Rich goes onto say, “After the student makes a few swings and misses they will finally overdo the fix so they don’t miss the ball”.

The Hotline can be put in about 14 different positions in the golf swing to help the student feel where they are going wrong. Rich claims, “The only way a student will make a permanent fix is to take the ball away when they do something wrong”. The people at Accelerized Golf are coming up with more ideas where to put the Hotline to help the student. Rich says, “I have had students with lifelong swing problems and in a brief period of time on the Hotlines System they have been able to make a permanent change”. Tour Golf is currently one of 2 locations west of the Mississippi that uses the Hotline Technology.

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