Digital TV Show Showcases Jive Powered Community Network of 280,000

The current episode of "Social Business Engine" features EMC's conversation marketing strategy. Comprised of a Jive-powered community 280,000 strong, these EMC communities have dramatically increased customer engagement, content consumption and increased sales.

Online PR News – 18-February-2014 – TAMPA, FL – In a two-part episode of digital TV show Social Business Engine, hosted by Bernie Borges, marketers get an opportunity to see behind the curtain of a global leader in big data cloud solutions’ successful modern marketing initiatives.

The episodes feature EMC, a Jive customer since 2003. EMC’s Liz Brigham, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Jive Software and host Bernie Borges, reveal the business outcomes from EMC’s Conversation Marketing strategy. EMC's story from concept to present day results, features results that illustrate compelling evidence of how social business strategy combined with powerful social business software creates measurable business outcomes. Jive also offers viewers a case study detailing how EMC's success has allowed them to:

-Explode the community to 280,000 members
-Increase content downloads by 50%
-Increase video consumption by 200%
-Boost online event participation from hundreds to more than 10,000 per event
-Increase engagement 60% year over year
-Measure incremental sales bookings of 240% from community members versus non community members.

In this two-part episode, viewers learn how EMC's Conversation Marketing strategy has created an army of brand ambassadors that include its employee workforce, as well as thousands of customers and partners.

EMC is a showcase customer for Jive Software

"I'm honored to showcase EMC and the Jive Software team on the Social Business Engine show. The EMC conversation marketing program is a very impressive one with the kind of results any CEO would love to have," said Borges.

"EMC is a showcase customer for Jive Software," says Liz Brigham, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Jive Software. "EMC’s Jive powered communities deliver measurable and powerful ROMI - return on marketing investment."

Download the case study to get all the insights into this modern marketing success story.

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