Explore The Glamorous World of Fashion Through The Eyes of Dirk Franke

Raising the bar of Fashion Photography to new heights by capturing exotic fusion of the urban and natural landscape, fashion and glamour, beauty and poise, sensuality and passion into photographic film, Dirk Franke has come a long way in his successful career of fashion photography.

Online PR News – 13-July-2010 – – Miami Beach, FL Fashion-lifestyle photographer Dirk Franke not only shoots with passion but with a lot of dedication and with a constant drive to set apart his imagination from the rest. He believes in showcasing the minutest detail of given scenery in a way that it gets you engrossed into its bewitching excellence in no time. Fashion photography (http://www.photobusiness.com), contrary to conventional beliefs, is not about capturing just beautiful models in fashionable clothing but it is to tell a story that has been transformed into a picture and speaks volumes about the message that is to be put out there.

Born in an American airbase in Libya and raised in Europe he currently is based in Miami since the year 1991. The passion of photography and capturing breathtaking landscapes set in into the mind of this innovative creator of exquisite scenes during his early years of adulthood where he experimented shooting the nature as a pastime. He spent some time in the movie industry as a cinematographer only to realize sooner that the volcano of passion for photography in him could not wait for long-term shooting schedules in the movie industry. Thus he landed in the career of photography for fashion and manifested his energies and ready-to-explore talent in the right path.

Every picture that is the end result of his photoshoots talks of a unique saga. From gorgeous women strolling evocatively down urban alleys to posing athletes in the moment of triumph and bursting with athletic intensity and passion, from flawless Goddesses emerging from the backdrop of exotic white sand beaches to sensual models posing for lingerie shoots, he never fails to captivate the audience in every masterpiece of a photograph he delivers.

While talking about his passion for photography and how it came into existence Franke says, “I started taking pictures when I was a teenager There were a lot of landscapes at first, but then puberty set in, and the first girl-friend completely changed my perspective. I was fascinated by the beauty of women. I started shooting lots of portraits and made some first steps with “fashion-like” shots in the following years.” Commenting on the advertising photography (http://www.photobusiness.com) career that he has took over to help businesses related to fashion bloom in their respective industries, he says, “No matter what the subject of the shot is, I’ll always make sure that the model looks her, or his, very best. Although my clients are mainly concerned about their specific product, they usually appreciate this very much.”

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Dirk Franke is a Miami based fashion, lifestyle and advertising photographer. This website features images of fashion and lifestyle photography and all other products of his photographic excellence echoes body, beach and beauty. He’s capable and experienced, and now boasts a client list that ranges from breweries to drug-store chains and from Bacardi to Lamborghini.

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