Vork Framework Immensely Enhances PHP Development in India

eTatvasoft specializes in using Vork for PHP development in India with a brigade of PHP developers to serve a global clientele.

Online PR News – 13-July-2010 – – Many people suggest that PHP development in India is easy as compared to other web application development platforms. However eTatvasoft opines that PHP development also requires logic and proper coding so as to add functions to a concept web application requirement. Hence in real terms it is not as easy as it is thought to be. It also opines that software frameworks add little ease to the process of web application development using PHP.

For all who do not know eTatvasoft defines software framework for PHP development in India. A software framework is a compilation of common codes with generic functions so that the developer does not have to waste time writing the general code instead they can be selected from a drop down menu or as per the functions defined in the software framework they are using.

There are many different types of software frameworks available like Yii, CodeIgniter, Symfony, PHPDevShell, CakePHP, Akelos, Prado, PhpOpenbiz, Zend, ZooP etc. and the latest addition to the list is Vork. eTatvasoft has the habit of checking all the latest additions to the software world and so without wasting time it checked out Vork. The findings of the testing as disclosed by eTatvasoft are as follows:

1) Database tools help maintain security and improve the working of SQL statement

2) Loads by itself objects and codes needed for the particular task on hand

3) Load time can be reduced as it does not need disk-IO to be functional

4) Use of Google tools like Charts, AdSense, Maps, Translate, Sitemap, Analytics, Payments etc., made easier and simpler

Highlighting one of the best features of Vork, Director, eTatvasoft said that Vork is very useful for PHP based ecommerce site development. It is immensely useful to generate ecommerce codes related to credit card charging, validating a transaction, accepting payment through PayPal, matching and calculating the correct UPS shipping rates, tracking the package in transit and many others.