Classroom Management Program Comes To Town

Central Ohio gets a new resource for bullying prevention

Online PR News – 13-February-2014 – Columbus, Ohio – Central Ohio teachers and schools have access to a new local program geared toward classroom management. Many new teachers struggle with staying in charge of their classroom and preventing bullying and other negative behaviors. Bullying has grown to become a major issue in schools over the past decade. Now that students have more access to social media, email, and texting, there are also more outlets for possible bullying. Nicholas Levine, founder of EdSource LLC, has developed a research-based, holistic training course for teachers and school administrators to recognize bullying, intervene, and maintain positive classroom environments. The course is available as a continuing education credit through Ashland University or by booking a group session for employees of a particular school or district.

Bullying affects one in six US students (Clemson University study). This behavior negatively influences their mood, academics, and sticks with them for years to come. More than half of bullying situations end when a peer speaks up (Social Development). The core of EdSource’s program is to build bridges of communication between students and teachers, empowering peers to stand up for each other. Giving students responsibility helps achieve an ideally managed classroom.

EdSource’s unique START program uses extensive research and common sense to introduce effective management techniques into each school it touches. One of the biggest outcomes of the program is a significant increase in bullying awareness. Only by working together can everyone in a school put an end to bullying.

“We work with teachers to implement bullying prevention techniques that work,” says Nicholas. “We observe a school’s current techniques and build on top of an existing framework. START is easy to implement and easy to follow-through on.”

Teachers and administrators in need of continuing education credit may sign up as individuals through Ashland University. Interested schools and districts may contact EdSource directly. They provide complimentary ongoing support to ensure that the program is as effective as possible. Nicholas wants to eliminate bullying from every Central Ohio school.

About EdSource:

EdSource LLC offers a holistic, research-based approach to bullying prevention. The START program helps align students and faculty on how to prevent bullying in schools. By learning the skills needed to stop bullying and prevent it in the future, teachers can make their classrooms safer for everyone and more conducive to learning. Continuing education opportunities for educators are offered through Ashland University, in Columbus, OH. EdSource wants to make education safer for everyone. Learn more at

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