Experienced Criminal Lawyer Services in Vancouver

John Buchanan is an experienced criminal lawyer who has been helping individuals against complex criminal cases in Vancouver and nearby regions in BC.

Online PR News – 13-July-2010 – – July 13th, 2010; Vancouver, BC: John Buchanan is a well known criminal lawyer of Vancouver who has more than 25 years of experience in the area of criminal law. He deals with several criminal offences in support of his clients.

Criminal record of any individual does not allow him to go out of the country. This affects the future employment opportunities and even the current employment of any individual. John Buchanan works while considering these points in mind. His practice experience of more than 25 years plays a significant role in this regard.

John Buchanan works in the way to avoid criminal records for his clients. This criminal lawyer has completed his Bachelor of Arts degree and Bachelor of Law degree from Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia respectively.

Among different criminal offences, this talented criminal lawyer works for some complex criminal charges like:

• Marijuana grow operations
• Impaired driving
• Shoplifting
• Prostitution charges
• Driving while prohibited
• Spousal or domestic assault
• Administrative driving prohibitions

His experience is reflected through his services also. His quality service includes:

• Free initial consultation
• 24-hour answering service by a responsible person
• Managing court appearances
• Low legal fees

John Buchanan goes thoroughly with each and every aspect of criminal offense. He researches properly with evidence and witness involved in the charged case. Then, he explains everything to his client in order to prepare him for the court appearances. Most of the time, he manages charged case hearing without his client. This experienced criminal case counsel works with the objective of safeguarding his client against imprisonment and criminal records.

About John Buchanan:

John Buchanan, an experienced criminal law specialist in Vancouver who deals several criminal offenses of individuals. He offers free initial consultation to understand the depth of charged case. His wide practice areas includes several driving charges, fraud, spousal assaults etc.