WInnForum Seeks Spectrum Occupancy Studies in Developing its Dynamic Spectrum Sharing Annual Report

Seek reports, both published and unpublished, showing utilization of spectrum in TV bands, cellular bands and other bands up to 5 GHz

Online PR News – 13-February-2014 – Washington, DC – The Wireless Innovation Forum, a non-profit international industry association dedicated to driving the future of radio communications and systems worldwide, today announced a request for contributions in the area of spectrum occupancy. In particular, the members of the Forum are seeking reports, both published and unpublished, showing utilization of spectrum in TV bands, cellular bands and other bands up to 5 GHz.

Contributions received will be summarized in the Forum’s forthcoming Dynamic Spectrum Sharing Annual Report. This report is being developed by the Forum’s Spectrum Innovation Committee for Regulators, Policy Makers, Spectrum Managers, Network Planners, and Wireless Researchers who need to understand the state of technologies such as dynamic spectrum access and their ability to facilitate spectrum sharing. The Dynamic Spectrum Sharing Annual Report is intended to act as a reference guide that clearly identifies and synthesizes a harmonized view of the results of Spectrum Sharing research and trials, identifies what is in development, and articulates what issues are being addressed and still need to be resolved.

Spectrum occupancy studies received in this request for contributions will be analyzed to compare and contrast how the data was collected to develop a harmonized set of conclusions. The members of the Forum will specifically focus on studies that measure occupancy as a function of time and space, and will compare and contrast measurement techniques as appropriate. The project may also perform a gap analysis to identify areas for further study.

Contributions made in response to this call are requested to be provided by no later than 7 March 2014. Additional information related to this contribution can be found at Please contact Forum CEO Lee Pucker at if you are interested in contributing or need additional information.

Wireless Innovation Forum member representatives have initiated and led multiple work efforts that promote their organization’s specific objectives through the creation of reports, recommendations and specifications that are widely used by the advanced wireless community. The importance of these "work products" is reflected in the fact that over 12,000 individual documents were downloaded from the document library in 2012 alone.

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