Home Care's Newest Physician & Facility Targeting Data Now Available in PlayMaker CRM's TargetWatch
12 February 2014
With the release of Health Market Science’s new targeting data in PlayMaker CRM’s TargetWatch, companies have the information they need to capture the edge in their market. The innovative solution created by PlayMaker CRM provides a seamless, systematic approach to maximize sales and marketing opportunities using the HMS Provider Masterfile and medical claims data within PlayMaker CRM’s TargetWatch, a leading industry-specific customer relationship management solution. Home health and hospice companies can use this detailed information to easily analyze their local, regional and national physician and healthcare facility markets and formulate specific sales and marketing strategies. The new data release particularly benefits small and midsize companies, which historically are unable to fit data purchases into their budgets. "The just-released targeting data now available within TargetWatch will give home care and hospice companies of any size the leverage they need to zoom in on untapped referral opportunities and take action," said Adam Bishop, president & founder of PlayMaker CRM. "We are excited about helping them boost their revenue and profitability through this one-of-a-kind product offering." Users of PlayMaker CRM’s TargetWatch can easily identify, target and monitor the highest-referring physicians and facilities in their market using HMS data, the most comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date physician and facility targeting data in the country. With these tools, companies can turn guesswork into a quantifiable method for success. Functional highlights include searching for top prospects by geography, category, diagnosis and other variables, as well as facilitating action with top-referring physicians and facilities in a service area. The new data can provide a detailed picture of an area’s home care market that is unlike any other. The data includes: Physician Targeting Data: • National, state and county physician ranks for home health, hospice, patient volume and therapeutic categories • Market share percentage for home health and hospice physicians • National, state and county organization rankings for hospice and home health • Custom coverage/service area ranks also may be added • Assists in sales strategy • Increases sense of accomplishment • Provides direction and focus Facility Targeting Data: • State ranks of hospitals and skilled nursing facilities/long-term care facilities for all discharges, HHA discharges, hospice discharges and SNF/LTC discharges • Discharge percentages by therapeutic category and discharge code, and for patients admitted into HHA, Hospice and SNF/LTC by post-acute organization • Affiliated physicians with ranks for all discharges, HHA discharges, and SNF/LTC discharges Also available for purchase is Group Practice Data, which includes: • Comprehensive view of all practitioner and organization relationships, linking health care providers to a hospital, LTC or group practice Call 1–866–930–6847 today or visit www.playmakercrm.com/demo to learn more!