Recovering from Financial Crisis Becomes Easier

Consumer Credit Counseling offer professional debt consolidation consultancy services to individuals looking for debt consolidation solutions to become debt free.

Online PR News – 13-July-2010 – – July 13, 2010, Vancouver BC: Consumer Credit Counseling (CCC), a British Columbia-based credit counseling agency, offers professional consultancy for debt consolidation solutions to individuals looking for financial solutions to recover from monetary crisis.

CCC offers credit counseling in British Columbia to individuals and companies looking for debt consolidation assistance and guidance in financial crisis situations. It is based in two different locations in BC, namely, Burnaby and Victoria.

The credit counseling company offers viable credit solutions for individuals and companies fighting heavy debts. The company offer consolidation solution for multiple debts and repayment in the form of consolidated debt repayment at a lower interest rate. The company claims to offer the lowest interest rate on the debt consolidation loans than any other credit counselor in the region.

The credit counseling agency forms a connecting link and acts as a mediator between the creditor and the debtor (its client). The debtor offers a consolidated payment to the agency at the lowest possible interest rate which is then forwarded to the creditors in the form of easy installments until and unless the loan is cleared from the creditor’s end.

The agency also offers solutions for reducing interest rate of a creditor to as low as 0%. The market reputation of the agency helps debtors in repaying their debts to the creditors at interest rates lower than their expectations. Hence, it works towards an easier and amicable way of debt repayment for its clients.

About Consumer Credit Counseling

Consumer Credit Counseling or is a credit counseling agency based in Burnaby and Victoria regions in BC. It offers consumer credit counseling to individuals and companies to help them make easier repayment of their loans and credit card payments with debt consolidation loans etc. The agency helps in acquiring easy loans, budget planning, monetary situation analysis and other services to its commercial as well as residential clientele across BC and other regions of Canada.