Tummy Tucks Motivate Post-Weight Loss Patients, Says Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Swiss researchers recently found that bariatric patients who have tummy tuck surgery to remove excess skin are more likely to keep weight off after their procedures. Dr. Remus Repta says this is common for tummy tuck patients in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Online PR News – 16-February-2014 – Scottsdale, Arizona (February 2013) – Dr. Remus Repta (www.scottsdaletummytuck.com) says his experience with tummy tuck patients in Scottsdale, Arizona, who have had bariatric surgery supports recent research that concluded post-weight loss surgery patients are more likely to keep weight off if they follow up with tummy tucks.

Swiss researchers said gastric bypass surgery patients who later underwent body contouring procedures, such as the circumferential tummy tuck Dr. Repta offers in the Phoenix, Arizona, area, enjoyed greater health benefits, including being motivated to keep their weight in check. The research was published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, the journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons®.

For some patients it is one of the final steps in the journey of losing a significant amount of weight and attaining the health and body appearance they have wanted for so long.

Because of the health-related benefits noted by the researchers, they contend that body contouring surgery following bariatric surgery should be considered reconstructive, not cosmetic, which could result in insurance coverage for the procedures.

Dr. Repta, who specializes in body contouring plastic surgery, agrees with the findings.

"I have found that people who are good candidates for and undergo a circumferential tummy tuck are some of my happiest patients," Dr. Repta says. "For some patients, it is one of the final steps in the journey of losing a significant amount of weight and attaining the health and body appearance they have wanted for so long."

A circumferential tummy tuck, Dr. Repta explains, is sometimes called a lower body lift, a body lift, or a belt lipectomy. People who lose a significant amount of weight, either through bariatric surgery or a weight-loss program involving diet and exercise, usually have excess abdominal and lower back skin. Dr. Repta, who founded Advanced Aesthetic Associates in Phoenix and Scottsdale, recommends tummy tuck surgery in those cases.

"Once patients see the results of the procedure, which includes tightening abdominal muscles and precise contouring using liposuction, they definitely are motivated to maintain a healthy weight," Dr. Repta says.

Remus Repta, M.D., (www.scottsdaletummytuck.com) is a board-certified plastic surgeon serving Scottsdale and Phoenix. After earning a bachelor's degree in psychology and biology, Dr. Repta got his medical degree from Oregon Health & Science University. He has 6 years of specialized training in general, plastic, and aesthetic surgery from some of the country's top residency and fellowship programs. He is one of the founders of Advanced Aesthetic Associates and Scottsdale Skin Institute. He specializes in procedures such as tummy tuck, breast enhancement, buttock rejuvenation, and facial rejuvenation.

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