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Frequent travelers are often in search of techniques and services which help them stay connected without costing a fortune.

Online PR News – 13-July-2010 – – Frequent travelers are often in search of techniques and services which help them stay connected without costing a fortune. Local roaming charges are just way too expensive and this often results in a lack of communication or a phone bill that’s more than the cost of a plane ticket. But for most travelers, staying connected with their workplace and family is extremely important and there cannot be a compromise on that.

There are some service providers which offer 3G mobile broadband solutions for phones that you can use to make calls. But most of these services either do not have a wide coverage area or are too expensive. Limited coverage areas hinder your connectivity as you won’t be able to make calls as and when you want.

There are some other networks also, which provide cheaper solutions, but require a 1 or 2 year contract of service. This means that in order to enjoy their cheaper call rates, you will have to purchase their services for at least 1 or 2 years and if you are not satisfied with the service, you can’t discontinue or you will lose money.

But now, there is a service that will get you rid of all these problems. MobilityPass has launched a new service for frequent and business travelers which will allow you to connect via 3G mobile broadband network. This completely secure service is available in more than 120 countries and can be used with more than 200 carriers. You can make calls to 120 different countries with a single data SIM card.

All of the 3G connections are locally encrypted with live cost control for each connection. You can buy credit for a definite amount and pay as you use. You don’t have sign any contracts or make any commitments for your connection and as it is a prepaid connections, you only spend as much as you want. MobilityPass gives you full freedom of choice, with a promise of good service.

This is an amazing service that focuses on providing the best connectivity, anytime and all the time. In order to provide high quality privilege services, they also provide access to over 140,000 MobilityPass roaming Wifi hotspots around the world as a backup when 3G connectivity is low or when heavy data needs to be downloaded or uploaded. This is additional service ensure that you are never far away from your office, family and friends. Share documents, pictures, videos and music, wherever you are. Just visit any of these hotspots near you and get connected.

But this doesn’t mean that you won’t get a fast and continuous 3G connection. Our 3G network is one of the best networks around the world and has features like one worldwide account, high security level, one point of contact, full users’ management and complete privacy and confidentiality.

MobilityPass is the one and only provider with such features in the market, today. They are pioneer in international 3G connectivity and provide the services in cheap and affordable rates.

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