Hopelessly Romantic Media Productions Offers Publishing Services to Individuals and Businesses

Hopelessly Romantic Media Productions, a publisher of boutique magazines, has announced they will now market their services to individuals and businesses that want to share their stories of success.

Online PR News – 11-February-2014 – San Francisco, CA – San Francisco, CA - The publisher is seeking clients who have overcome cancer, suffered the loss of a loved one, or stories of behind-the-scenes chaos and reward of working hard to create a product or service. "When we completed my Boutique Magazine, I wanted to give other people courage and hope," says Victoria Napolitano, editor-in-chief of Hopelessly Romantic Media Productions. “As we all know, if you are not a well-known celebrity or bestselling novelist, chances of a respected book publishing company selecting your manuscript for publication is very difficult.”

Not every story has to be an entire book. Your story can be a short read with spectacular imagery and meaningful advice and quotes to live by. Most books published lack the imagery and the creativity we are able to present in our Boutique Magazines. You are not obligated to buy hundreds of copies or earn only a small percentage from sales of your magazine. Once you pay your fee, the magazine is yours. You will be given a digital copy and a print copy for distribution.

As we all know if you are not a well-known celebrity or bestselling novelist chances of a respected book publishing company selecting your manuscript for publication is very difficult.

Hopelessly Romantic Media Productions employs top graphic designers, writers, editors, photographers, models, proofreaders, and printers nationwide. "There is growing demand for high-quality, personalized print and online products," says Napolitano.

"These types of personalized boutique magazines we can design are endless," says project manager Dave Storton. "We have highlighted examples on our website and can readily adapt to any client’s needs." Having a tailor-made "My Story" magazine to pass on can be a true treasure for your loved ones.

Victoria's Boutique Magazines – Through Her Eyes will be released on February 14, 2014 both digitally and in print. It is the inspiring true story of how Victoria overcame almost complete blindness, the loss of her career as a police detective, the loss of her marriage, and the loss of her life savings to become CEO of Hopelessly Romantic Media Productions.

Social media websites have boosted interest in professionally designed, tasteful, creative presentations. "The ability to bring a story to readers using the world-class resources available to publishing houses is an increasingly valued commodity," Napolitano says.

For additional information on "Our Boutique Magazine Guide", project manager, Dave Storton can be reached at: DaveStorton@gmail.com, 1 800 283 6157 or online at www.hopelesslyromanticmediaproductions.com. To listen to, Through Her Eyes - The Victoria Napolitano Story at: Victoria Napolitano Radio, visit: www.VictoriaNapolitanoRadio.com

About Hopelessly Romantic Media Productions
The clientele for whom we publish have exquisite taste, and often exceptional business acumen. They know that a well-written and informative print or digital magazine can be the cornerstone of a marketing effort, a keepsake to be treasured by generations to come, or a unique way to memorialize a person or event. In a world of disposable messages and forgettable interactions, we help our clients create a clear vision of what they wish to communicate. Communicating a clear and memorable message through a professionally written and designed magazine is unique and memorable.

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