Barbed Arrow Announces New Massive Online Battle Arena Title - The Grand Arena of Serndall

Tired of boring, repetitive gaming? The announcement of the upcoming title the Grand Arena of Serndall, from Barbed Arrow, changes gaming to a personal, social experience for players.

Online PR News – 11-February-2014 – Kitchener, Ontario – Barbed arrow, (, a Canadian startup studio, today announced Grand Arena of Serndall, their debut mobile / browser, multiplayer strategic and tactical game is scheduled to launch in mid-2014.

Grand Arena of Serndall is an exciting new multiplayer online battle arena game for players of all ages and experience levels, where you directly compete with other players to become champion of the city of Serndall’s arena. The game is set in a rich fantasy world influenced by Norse, Welsh, and Turkish medieval cultures.

Grand Arena of Serndall has been carefully designed to avoid social and game dynamic problems common in today’s games. Key to the game design are features that foster both feuding with other players, as well as working together for the advancement of their faction - both which can result in success in the arena and personal achievement. Lasting consequences of player actions - impacting both the individual and the game world - discourage repetitive and boring “grinding” which is too often standard in recent games.

About the Grand Arena of Serndall:

* Players Hate Pay-to-Win - purchasing in-game content is not required to advance in the Grand Arena of Serndall. Checks and balances exist to enhance game play and community goals for both “full” and “lite” players.
* Avoid Repetition - A careful play dynamic has been designed to foster collaboration and enmity between players. Alliances and feuds are formed, and reformed, changing as players see advantages and disadvantages of both.
* Gamer Accountability - Player decisions and actions in the Grand Arena of Serndall will have a direct, sometimes permanent, effect on not only the individual player but faction-wide, or even game-wide.
* Layers of Complexity - Game play is a multifaceted combination of social negotiation, strategic planning, tactical initiative, and clever use of resources - in ways that are not always readily apparent.

Barbed Arrow’s vision is to design game systems that encourage social interaction and player competition; we believe this is what truly creates personal, lasting emotional investment in a game.

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