– Going Beyond Credit Repair
07/13/2010's interactive communication channels allow customers to maintain their personal finances after credit reparation.

Online PR News – 13-July-2010 – – A new credit repair company, has set the new standard in customer service communication. In addition to their successful business-grade credit reparation service, the company has developed extensive communication channels to conduct organic discussions with consumers. Accurise President Eric Schlegel cites the company’s commercial lending roots as their motivation to reach out to customers: “We started out doing commercial leasing and found that most individuals needed to repair their own credit scores before they could take out a loan for their business.”

He continued, “It is one thing to fix someone’s credit but it’s that extra step of communication that improves the customer’s long-term financial viability.”

Even before signing up for Accurise’s 4-step program, each customer receives a free consultation in which a credit specialist analyzes the customer’s credit report line by line to determine what items have the potential for deletion. Once the customer is signed up, Accurise reps challenge the questionable items, working directly with credit card companies and each of the three credit bureaus to clean up the customer’s credit report.

However, the company takes their service one step further by utilizing various discussion-based communication web tools to sustain customers’ financial livelihood. With active accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Accurise LiveChat and many online discussion boards (including their very own personal finance blog – ), the company initiates direct conversation with past customers, present customers, and essentially anyone who would like to discuss savvy personal finance tactics. Eric Gomez, an representative stated, “we really want our customers to get accustomed to talking about their personal finances. That way, ‘credit score’ will no longer be a mysterious number, but rather a manageable foundation for a successful financial future.”

In light of the dire financial situation in 2008, many consumers were forced to turn to their credit score and really understand what impact it could have on their personal finances. This is not surprising, as an alarming number of credit scores have seriously declined in the past ten years. In fact, 4/5 credit reports contain erroneous information, indicating that there has never been a greater need for credit reparation than now.

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