AttorneyTable Invites Restaurants to join AttorneyTable Participating Restaurants Network

AttorneyTable Promotes and Incentivizes Restaurant Fine Dining by Attorneys.

AttorneyTable Participating Restaurants are promoted/marketed with Law Firms and Bar Associations in towns, cities and states nationwide, offering a 10% table discount to AttorneyTable Members

Online PR News – 11-February-2014 – New York, NY – AttorneyTable® is the only network of Participating Restaurants actively promoting increased patronage of fine dining restaurants by the legal profession nationwide. By leveraging its own extensive network of contacts, AttorneyTable actively markets AttorneyTable Participating Restaurants to Law Firms, City and State Bar Associations across the country on a continuous basis.

“For too long, the hospitality sector has neglected the legal profession as an important revenue stream to develop, maintain and grow. As individuals, at home and on vacation, Attorneys are often fortunate enough to have the disposable income to be able to dine out on a frequent basis. Attorneys also regularly bring out clients to fine dining restaurants for lunch and dinner, as an integral and still very necessary part of their corporate/client relations development. A large number of Attorneys, in addition, spend a lot of time not only in their home town/city, but also 'on the road', meeting clients around the country. Ahead of a long day taking depositions, getting situated, the 'out of town' lawyer will often like to check out in advance online fine dining restaurants in the town/city he/she will be in and make a reservation.” AttorneyTable® CEO Peter Barrett comments.

“Restaurants are, in addition, many times the preferred venue for large Law Firm/Bar Association Office/Holiday Parties. At the same time, Attorneys – like so many others – face ongoing pressures to bring client entertainment and general office costs down. They still have to entertain in fine dining establishments, but keeping a tighter lid on outgoing expenditures, is also now just a fact of life for the legal profession. New attorneys and upcoming firms are also always on the look-out for fine dining restaurants that are more responsive and attuned to their changing needs.”

AttorneyTable® understands the fusion between the hospitality sector and the legal profession and harnesses the synergies between the two.

"Restaurant owners tapping into the legal profession to grow their customer base and consolidate existing loyalties just makes basic, business sense."

How does AttorneyTable work?

- AttorneyTable Participating Restaurants give 10% off the table check of AttorneyTable Members (cannot be combined with other offers)

- AttorneyTable Participating Restaurants pay no fees, costs or charges to be an AttorneyTable Participating Restaurant

- Only AttorneyTable Members (Attorneys) pay a small AttorneyTable Annual Membership Administration fee to AttorneyTable

- AttorneyTable Members show their AttorneyTable Membership Card at time of placing order together with photo I.D.

- AttorneyTable Participating Restaurants can quickly verify AttorneyTable Membership by checking name is included in the AttorneyTable Membership Database using 'Restaurant Login' in the top right corner of the AttorneyTable website. A Password is provided to AttorneyTable Participating Restaurants

- AttorneyTable independently verifies all new Members signing up are Attorneys by seeking proof in advance (i.e. review of website/webpage of law firm with name of Attorney)

Benefits of becoming an AttorneyTable Participating Restaurant include:

1. Increase in customer numbers at your Restaurant

2. Complimentary and extensive nationwide marketing of your Restaurant

3. AttorneyTable actively promotes your Restaurant with Law Firms and Bar
Associations in your city, state and nationwide

4. AttorneyTable includes your Restaurant Logo and Website on the AttorneyTable
Interactive Map

5. No cost at all to become an AttorneyTable Participating Restaurant

6. Ability to withdraw at any time from AttorneyTable network, for whatever

In order to join the AttorneyTable Participating Restaurant Network and take full advantage of all post-launch national marketing of AttorneyTable Participating Restaurants, write to AttorneyTable at with a contact name, email address and telephone number. AttorneyTable will then send you an additional Information Package for new AttorneyTable Participating Restaurants.

For further information/media interviews, contact

AttorneyTable, based in New York, is a national Membership Association which incentivizes Attorneys to eat out in fine AttorneyTable Participating Restaurants. AttorneyTable actively and continuously promotes its AttorneyTable Particpating Restaurants among Law Firms, City and State Bar Associations in towns, cities and states across the country.

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