Website Video Invention Provides Fix for Both Small and Large Businesses

August 1, 2009, Chicago – A small video production company made a major leap forward for web users this year when it released a much needed, all-in-one web video player. The search for simple-to-operate web video players is finally over. The Single Player and Multi Player Flash video players started fulfilling a vital need earlier this year.

Online PR News – 18-August-2009 – – Curtis, of the Jacksonville Bail Agents Association, said "Yes, the player met our needs. We have installed it on the front page of our website. It is a great product. Thanks, Curtis.”

Over 125 million hits on “video player” on the web shows that the need for a Flash video player for the web has been much sought after by I.T. managers, small business owners and even individuals. And, found a way to fill that need.

“Posting a video on one’s site is now as simple as posting a photo.”

We find ourselves surrounded by high quality video: it is the visual age in which we live. One can shoot good quality video with affordable camcorders, web cams and even pocket recorders and cell phones. But, outlets for those videos, places to play and view them, hasn’t kept up with the fast pace at which capturing those videos has developed.

Videographer Mike Pudlo from Chicago’s Adventure-Crew says, “Finding a way to quickly post beyond anywhere than just U-Tube has really required some major hoop jumping. Because of this, seamless video posting on promotional web sites has only been available to the big boys of media like news agencies and broadcast TV stations and networks.”

The folks at were finding that they were spending a lot of time and resources in finding satisfactory and appropriate ways to promote client videos due to the lack of fully programmable web video players. The need was so great, that in 2008 they finally just decided to create their own. So, the research, hiring of trained coders, and design process began.

The resulting Single and Multi Player tools were so successful at filling their in-house needs, that they found themselves in the unique position of being the discoverers of a new niche market: web video players. Clients from L.A. to New York City and from Minnesota to the gulf coast are now using these tools to expose their promotional, product and testimonial videos to the tens of thousands of viewers that visit web sites from all over the world. Posting a video on one’s site is now as simple as posting a photo.

And the best thing for these I.T. managers and business owners is that no longer do they have to suffer with jobbing out simple tasks to special coding programmers in order to make the video an integrated part of their business or corporate site. The players’ functions and appearance are easily changeable with just standard options included with each player. This allows the video being viewed to finally be a seamless element of the home site. No more sending potential customers off site just to view a video.

“The SinglePlayer is easy to use, easy to install, and the customer support is great.” Business owner Steve Black, DCHS Video Production Co., Ft. Payne, Alabama.

This is resulting in documented increase in hits, per-page visits and time spent on site. All of these values are the bread and butter of basic sales tracking and generation of sales.

Company president Clint Pollock said in a recent interview, “I still can’t get over the tremendous volume of product users we’ve already amassed in just a few months. We actually are conducting live user webinars to answer questions and deal with installations on a regular basis.”

The MultiPlayer plays like a video juke box, so not only businesses, but individuals have been using the product to display their custom video collection on the web.

For more information on the Single Player and Multi Player, and to see live players in action, visit, or call Clint and his crew at
(847) 647-9007.

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