New EBook to help people take their websites to the next level

This is a new eBook designed to help a person at any skill level to enhance their website. The book is full of tips and tricks for both the advanced and non-technical website owner.

Online PR News – 13-July-2010 – – Vancouver, Washington,7.12.2010 – The 30 Minute Webmaster eBook was created to demonstrate some tricks of the trade. This book covers everything from social media marketing to ways to drive traffic to your website. The book is loaded with links to different resources on the web that any level of internet user can handle. The idea was to make a book that within 30 minutes could take someone who has a website and help them make that website perform as if a webmaster had constructed it.

The book starts off with showing layout and offering free web 2.0 layout programs to the readers. The websites SEO is covered, and even how to choose web hosting to best help your optimization. There are plenty of how-to's offered throughout the book. Links are inside to point users to where they can find royalty free photos. There is a section inside about monetizing your website. This is written so both a beginner and a seasoned designer can take advantage of the new ways online today to make their site produce money.
This book is now offered as one of's premier eBooks. It can be ordered online from the publisher's link. This book was not produced to make a quick buck. The author purposely priced it at $10.99. This is in hopes that it will make it affordable to even a beginner who wants to take their website to the next level.

Mason Blondeau has been in the web design industry for over 12 years as a Webmaster for both online stores and corporate websites. Before writing this book, he had been part of a start up web 2.0 company where many of these tips have been refined over the years to help his own websites produce.

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