Releases the Top Interview Question Mistakes

Last week, an online video resume builder, released its findings on the toughest interview questions and their often incorrect responses. Britetab also released its findings for the best responses and how to navigate around tough situations. Their list was compiled through their own user base and experiences.

Online PR News – 13-July-2010 – – What salary are you looking for?
Bad: “In my last job I earned $35,000, so now I’m looking for $40,000.”
Good: If possible, do not give them an exact number. The rule of thumb is the first person to name a price when negotiating salary loses. Instead, reiterate your commitment to the job at hand. If you pressed to give a number, give a broad range based on research you’ve conducted on that particular role and in your particular city

Why should I hire you?
Bad: “I am the best candidate for the role.”
Good: A good answer will reiterate your qualifications, and will highlight what makes you unique.

How do you explain your gap in employment?
Bad: “I just can’t find a job.” or "I was so tired of working and needed a break,”
Good: Gaps in employment are always hard to explain. By replying that you couldn’t find a job or needed time off could imply that you are not hirable or lazy. Find a way to make your extended unemployment seem like a choice you made, based on the right reasons.

How would your friends describe you?
Bad: “I’m a good listener.”
Good: Yes, being a good listener is a great personality trait, but chances are that they are not looking to hire you for a shoulder to cry on. Your answer should relate to the job at hand.

What is your greatest failure, and how did you learn from it?
Bad: I never finished law school and everything that’s happened since has taught me that giving up, just because the going gets tough, is a huge mistake.”
Good: You never want to highlight a major regret as it comes across as dissatisfaction with your life. Try to give a smaller but significant failure and relate it back to how it has made you better as a professional.

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