International Speaker/Author, Christopher Novak, Motivates Leaders on The Bottom Line Audio Magazine

Author and international speaker, Christopher Novak, brings his experience in leadership development and executive coaching to give tips and advice on motivational leadership, on the audio magazine, The Bottom Line.

Online PR News – 13-July-2010 – – Washington, DC.- Focusing on the mechanics of leadership and letting your ego run your business are among many of the problems addressed by, Christopher Novak, a five-time author on business and leadership, and an international speaker, in August’s issue of The Bottom Line.

The Bottom Line, hosted by Ryan Prucker, is a monthly audio magazine providing on-the-go MP3 interviews, expert commentary, motivation, and insights for success in business and life. Novak focuses on maintaining vision, providing motivation, and making connections with people you work with, in order to enhance your leadership skills.

According to Christopher Novak, leadership comes from the personal commitment of the leader to those he wants to influence, and true integrity. “One of the biggest mistakes leaders sometimes make is focusing too much on the mechanics, and overlooking some of those intangibles, like inspiration and motivation.” Novak points to a common misconception that being a leader is about directing others, when in reality; motivation is the key to leading others to success.

“It’s absolutely critical that as leaders, we check that ego at the door,” says Novak. In his interview, he explains that leaders need to act confidently, while still showing vulnerability, allowing people to identify with the leaders, and not just follow them blindly.

Ryan Prucker, host of The Bottom Line, says, “Chris Novak exemplifies the power of motivational leadership and making genuine connections with your followers, on your road to success.” One of Novak’s major insights is to focus on people, and connections, in order to reach the numbers or sales you’re reaching for, because making those connections helps people reach their optimal performance level.

Christopher Novak is an international speaker and five-time author, whose books include Conquering Adversity and Inspired to Lead, and whose articles have been published in HR Magazine, Newsweek, and Smithsonian Air and Space. His company, the Summit Team, specializes in leadership development and executive coaching. To find out more about Novak, visit To hear the interview or learn more about The Bottom Line visit

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