Bathtub remodelers, Bath Fitter, launch brand new corporate website with help of Single Throw Internet Marketing

Single Throw Internet Marketing teams up with Bathtub remodelers, Bath Fitter, to launch a brand new corporate website.

Online PR News – 18-August-2009 – – As Bath Fitter celebrates twenty-five years of treating bathtub dilemmas, the launch of a brand-new website is sure to guarantee further success in fixing North America’s bathtub woes. With the help of Single Throw, one of the nation’s top Internet marketing companies, Bath Fitter’s new site offers a sleek customer-friendly design coupled with more comprehensive information regarding the company’s products and services.

Bath Fitter recognized the need to take their previous Internet marketing strategy to the next level. They consulted Single Throw because of the company’s renowned expertise and positive reputation. “We worked with Bath Fitter on messaging alignment and helped them to provide a better foundation of content for their site. The added content created an optimized experience for shoppers looking for information on anything from renovating their bathroom on to the specific products they offered,” said Caryl Felicetta, Chief Operating Officer of Single Throw.

The primary goal of the new website is to educate users about the convenience of Bath Fitter’s in-home bathtub remodeling, and the high quality and customer satisfaction associated with its craftsmanship. A feature such as “Design Your Own Bathroom” allows users to see the fine quality of Bath Fitter’s products by performing a virtual bathtub remodeling. Another feature, “Happy Customers,” will give users an inside scoop on the satisfaction of Bath Fitter customers.

Overall, Bath Fitter and Single Throw hope the results of their partnership will prove to be fruitful in spreading the word about Bath Fitter’s quality products and services, as well as the customer-first approach the company so adamantly follows.

“Bath Fitter has one of the most impressive cultures I've ever seen in a company of their size. Their positive attitude and passion for their product is downright contagious. The new website connects with customers on so many levels. From design to content, it portrays the company as they really are," said Larry Bailin, President and CEO of Single Throw Internet Marketing.

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