Get Qualified For a Loan Modification Program with Your Existing Credit Score

If you are one of the many people struggling to save your home, then mortgage loan modification may be the life raft you are looking for.

Online PR News – 12-July-2010 – – The simple answer to whether or not Obama's Loan Modification Programs can help in lowering your score is yes. In certain cases, taking advantage of this government loan modification program has in fact lowered people's credit score. If you are one the many individuals who are struggling to save you home, then loan modification will help you with your financial conditions. Loan modifications help you in reducing your monthly mortgage payments.

What is a Loan Modification?
A loan modification is a modernized contract between you the loan holder and bank involving new interest rates and terms. Mortgage loan modification is an enduring way out for homeowners who find themselves on the edge of foreclosure or insolvency.

Here are three ways to identify if you qualify for a loan modification program:
• You need to have your own house, and should live in as your primary residence
• Your monthly mortgage payment should be greater than 31% of your monthly net earnings.
• Your mortgage loan amount should not be large enough to exceed the existing loan limits
• To meet the criteria for home loan modification, you should be employed, and need to exhibit that your house hold earnings have been decreased.

Get in touch with loan modification attorneys as this program is the best solution every time - in few cases, a short sale can be the best plan to work on. The loan modification process is perfect for those who are not capable to make their monthly mortgage payment. Nevertheless, it would be possible for them by making little bit of modification in their budget. Short sales can be the better alternative for those who are not capable to pay their bills.

If you are looking for loan modification assistance then is your savior. The mortgage refinance company helps you in dealing with any kind of loan modifications or home refinance loan programs.