Dome Rock Mines, LLC Names Jeffrey Blackburn Manager Of New Mining Project

Blackburn will oversee 14 gold claims in La Paz County, AZ

Online PR News – 06-February-2014 – QUARTZSITE, AZ – Today, Dome Rock Mines LLC announced that Jeffrey Blackburn of Wickenburg, AZ will manage their new project: a group of "placer"-type surface Gold Mines on a series of clustered and contiguous claims covering approximately 705 acres of Bureau of Land Management property in La Paz County, AZ.

Mr. Blackburn has four decades of mining and scientific experience. Over the past 17 years, he has worked on dozens of exploration and mining projects, including two years of extensive research and consulting on placer gold projects throughout North and South America for Auric Resources International. He served as Operations Manager for World Vanadium on several mines on the Colorado Plateau from 1998 through 2002. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of MAFEX Co. (Mineral and Fuel Exploration) and Gruvedrift, Inc. and he consults on mining and exploration projects throughout the Western US and Canada.

The Dome Rock project plans to excavate 2,000 tons of soil per day and reduce this by a ratio of 10:1. The resulting average of 200 tons per day of concentrate produced from this reduction is then to be run through a proprietary chemical extraction process which can separate out any gold, silver, platinum group metals (PGM's) and even rare earth elements (REE's). This revolutionary combination of abundant precious metals and affordable extraction and refining will result in explosive returns to the company and its Investors. A modern gold rush has arrived with 21st Century Mining!

The Dome Rock Mining Project has been developed to acquire, own and operate “placer”-type surface gold mines on a series of clustered and contiguous mining claims covering approximately 705 acres of federal land in La Paz County, Arizona, which is administered by the United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Dome Rock Mines, will continue to forge enduring partnerships with valued clients, employ the force of cutting edge technologies, and create strategically innovative solutions to problems that have existed for well over 150 years. It is their intent to effect a paradigm shift in the mining industry and enrich their partners and the world in a suitable and sustainable manner.

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