Potential Overuse of IVF Draws Attention to Need for Infertility Step Therapies

ToConceive offers an inexpensive and effective first step for couples struggling with infertility

Online PR News – 06-February-2014 – Ft. Thomas, KY – Since its creation in 1978, in-vitro fertilization has helped millions of couples achieve the dream of having children. Initially, scientists created IVF to help women with tubal disorders conceive and over the years, doctors started using it to treat other infertility problems like male subfertility, endometriosis and even unexplained infertility.

But too much of a good thing may turn out to be a bad thing. Dr. Esme I. Kamphuis of the Centre for Reproductive Medicine at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands and his team recently released a study that looked at the potential overtreatment of IVF.

ToConceive has already helped hundreds of women achieve conception and now has the opportunity to help thousands of women worldwide to achieve conception pregnancy and motherhood.

Since its launch in 2013, ToConceive has filled a void in the infertility medical community by providing an inexpensive and effective first step for infertility treatments. ToConceive offers an alternative to expensive and sometimes risky IVF.

ToConceive helps a woman create her own natural conception lubrication, which is the key to conceiving. Natural conception lubrication is necessary for sperm capacitation, the key process that prepares the sperm to fertilize the egg. Without suitable natural conception lubrication, the sperm cannot be capacitated. Without sperm capacitation, the sperm cannot reach the egg or properly fertilize it and pregnancy cannot occur. Many times with infertility, especially unexplained infertility, a woman is not producing enough of her own natural conception lubrication and the sperm is not being properly capacitated, which is why she cannot get pregnant.

Before jumping straight to IVF, couples can use ToConceive as a first step in a step-therapy program of infertility treatments. Unlike IVF, ToConceive has no ill side effects, is easy to use and effective for many couples experiencing infertility. Additionally, at $39.95 a bottle, ToConceive, is a fraction of the cost of IVF, which averages between $15,000 and $20,000 per cycle.

For some couples, initial step-therapy methods for infertility may not help and in those cases, IVF is an excellent solution. But couples don’t need to go directly to IVF; other easier and less expensive options, like ToConceive, exist to try first.

"For over 30 years, I have attempted to help women achieve conception, pregnancy, and motherhood,” said Dr. Thompson, creator of ToConceive. "ToConceive has already helped hundreds of women achieve conception, and now has the opportunity to help thousands of women worldwide to achieve conception, pregnancy, and motherhood."

For more information on ToConceive and the science behind conception, visit www.keytoconceive.com.

ToConceive, LLC was established by Dr. Ronald Thompson, OBGYN and inventor of numerous gynecological products and methods. Dr. Thompson holds five United States patents, including fallopian tube method of in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer, device for retrieval of ovum, embryo transfer arrangement, intrauterine delivery arrangement and in-vitro fertilization procedure using direct vision.

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