Trends for Smart Grid Adoption

a new report on "Trends for Smart Grid Adoption" gives details how the companies envision business opportunities in the Smart Grid world and covers a broad range of their potential applications.

Online PR News – 12-July-2010 – – Trends for Smart Grid Adoption

The term “smart grid” is used more and more, but its definition is still subject to controversy since its usage covers a wide range of technical fields. In this report, it suggests a three-layer definition for “smart grid”: a software layer, a communication & sensors layer and a power layer. ( )

The report provides a global understanding of the smart grid concepts, following two main approaches:

* Smart grid related to new architectures using communication devices and sensors,
* Smart grid related to electricity transportation and distribution platform equipped with power electronics components and modules.


This report details how the companies envision business opportunities in the Smart Grid world and covers a broad range of their potential applications. From startups to heavyweights, companies are betting that energy management will be the next big thing. Intel, Google, Cisco & GE, for instance, are all investing in tomorrow’s technologies to create the “smart grid momentum”.

This report will provide you with the key points to understand and decode this fast-paced and emerging industry at the frontier of energy and telecommunications. As the electric grid “2.0” will be based on 3 main layers: Power, Communication, and Applications, we describe how this distribution could create great value and opportunities in the coming years.

Also, as the renewable share of the energy mix is increasing, better integration of renewable and distributed energies (PV, Wind and Biogas energy, etc.) coupled to an evolution of the energy management system will be necessary. Electricity demand and electricity production will have to be well balanced in order to increase the grid efficiency while decreasing the number of power outages, a huge challenge considering tomorrow’s electric needs (electric cars, demographic pressure, etc.).

We include an in-depth understanding of the smart meter industry, one of the key drivers of today’s smart grid architectures. Many initiatives have already started to promote smart-meter-based architecture in Europe, Asia and North-America where the Recovery and Reinvestment Act supplied a green stimulus of $3.9 billion. The top 15 North American Automated Measuring Infrastructure (AMI) deployments represent roughly 41.1 million smart meters scheduled to be deployed by 2015.

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