Floor Protection Specialists, Surface Shields, Name Jamey Behringer CEO
5 February 2014
Surface Shields, a leading manufacturer of floor protection and dust containment products for the construction, remodeling and renovation industries, recently announced that Jamey Behringer has been named Chief Executive Officer of the growing Illinois-based company. "Jamey has been with us for nearly all of the 20 years that we've been in business and has had a hand in nearly every part of building Surface Shields into the industry leader it is today. Jamey's leadership has taken us from a small startup with big dreams, to the number one flooring protection provider in North America, and we're excited to see what she's able to accomplish in her new role as CEO," said Kyle Behringer, President for Surface Shields. (http://www.surfaceshields.com/company). In her role as Surface Shields CEO, Behringer will oversee the company's significant expansion plans as they work to upgrade their current facilities and add additional locations throughout the United States. Behringer will also support managerial efforts for a number of the company's key national accounts. Surface Shield manufactures and distributes a wide range of hard surface, floor protection, paper board, contamination control and construction products, including Carpet Shield®, Dust Shield Pro™ Poles, Shoe Covers, Step N Peel™ Clean Mats, and the extremely popular Builder Board™ flooring and carpet protector. Surface Shields has seen sales of Builder Board™ grow 45% in the last year thanks to its innovative Liquid Shield waterproof coating and roll-flat design, which replaces the need for unwieldy sheets of Masonite on the job site to protect against water, paint, mud or any other potential surface contamination. "Jamey has worked hard to make Surface Shields brands the most recognized in the industry, and her marketing and personnel management skills will serve her well in her new role. In her time here Jamey has made Surface Shields a company that people want to work for and work with, and she's the perfect person to lead us into the New Year and the next phase of Surface Shields' evolution as a company," Behringer said. For more information about the entire line of products from Surface Shields, visit their website at www.surfaceshields.com or call 800.754.9685.