Electronic Key Management for Securing Assets

Key Tracer offers electronic key management solution for safekeeping of keys and assets in various industries and residential sector as well.

Online PR News – 12-July-2010 – – July 12, 2010; Port Coquitlam, BC: Key Tracer, a time system integrator and key management solution provider based in BC, offers a wide range of electronic key management and asset management solutions throughout BC and other regions in Canada.

Key Tracer offers quality and well-tested electronic key solutions to help its clients safeguard their keys, valuables, assets etc. it offers solutions to a variety of industries and is available to both the commercial as well as residential sectors.

Among the industries using electronic key management solutions from Key Tracer, legal department and retailers are among the front running users. The legal department uses electronic key management solutions in order to manage its keys and various important safely. Since, it is an important department in ensuring proper law and order in prisons etc, the use of electronic and advanced key management solutions becomes imperative.

Key Tracer brings to use advanced key management solutions to help retailers manage their keys, stores and various valuables. Similarly, advanced management solutions offer secure key control and electronic management of keys, assets and valuables. In business, important documents and confidential reports play a critical role and are important in every step of a business. Hence, electronic key management solutions offer security and comfort to businesses every time.

About Key Tracer

Key Tracer is a global leader in electronic key control and key management solutions. It offers a wide range of products and services in electronic key control solutions to its wide clientele across North America and rest of the world. Some of its products include electronic key control systems, electronic key lockers, key racks, Key Rings and Accessories, RFID Asset Security for asset management solutions etc. It also offers quality and standard Guard Tour Systems in order to monitor and track patrolling guards in residential, legal and commercial sectors.