Log Book Loans - An Easy Way To Get The Loan

Log Book Loans are the easiest way to get the money by keeping logbook as security

Online PR News – 12-July-2010 – – London (Shakespeare Finance): Log Book Loans are established as the innovator of secured vehicle finance. The log book loans needs the borrower to keep the logbook with the lender until the loan amount has been repaid in full.

Log Book is issued to both the driver as well as the vehicle licensing agency. Logbook requires current registration mark, VIN number or the chassis number, and details about the registered keeper of the logbook. Anyone who has logbook are eligible for getting Log Book Loans. Depending on the lender and the vehicle, the amount of logbook loans can stretch to larger amounts. Logbook loans are available for amounts ranging from £500-£50,000.

For getting log book loans against cars the car must be ideally less than 8 years old. Other requirements for getting the loans is the logbook must be in the name of the borrower, regular income and there must be no financial claims on the vehicle.

All the Taxes and insurance due on the vehicle must be paid in full before the vehicle logbook is pledged for logbook loans While the car or vehicle may continue to be in possession of borrower, it is the logbook that is kept by loan provider for the period until which loan is repaid. However, borrower cannot save himself from the to maintain the vehicle in good condition.

These loans can be applied from banks, but online is the best option.

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