Tendercare Services Service With Care And Compassion

Tendercare services provide skilled nurses and companions for those who need care and compassion. It is a family owned and operated service available 24 hours a day.

Online PR News – 12-July-2010 – – Caretaking services are available throughout the day and night for those who need someone to take care of their needs so that they can carry out their routines comfortably and independently in their homes or at a facility center. Tendercare services have an established network of caregivers who can be referred to for providing their clients care and comfort so that their dignity and decorum are not compromised. The private pay nurse registry offers a wide range of services and is always quick to respond to calls of their clients. Flexibility is the operative word in their service and there are many packages available, each designed to offer maximum comfort and convenience to their esteemed clients.

Every call is personally attended by a member of the management team at all times during the day or night. The clients’ needs are carefully measured and understood so that they can be referred to the right type of caretaker. Clients are also at liberty to interview the referred caretaker in person, through phone or through Skype service. There are many types of services available at Tendercare services.

Nursing care provides a licensed practical nurse to administer and manage medications, provide wound care and change dressings. They also coordinate with the client and their physician and ensure that the physician’s instructions are followed properly.

Personal care services provide to the clients certified nursing assistants who can take care of their personal hygiene and needs. They are also required to take care of their general health requirements such as checking pulse, blood pressure, temperature and respiration etc, assist in physiotherapy and in managing living aids like a wheelchair or walkers.

Companion care includes providing companionship and socialization. They also run errands for the clients and arrange transportation to keep appointments. Clients who have difficulty in walking can expect a steadying support from their companion. Basic housekeeping work, laundry and meal preparation services are also included.

Respite care is provided to allow the family who is the prime caretaker of the client to have a break from the stressful job. A Live-In care will have an assistant supporting the client 24x7 for several days at a stretch depending on the needs of the client. Apart from this, transportation services and concierge services are also offered as a part of nursing services.

Clients can have the convenience of pre-registration where they can register for the service in advance without any obligations attached. A free assessment is carried out by an experienced member of the senior management team. This provides the company with the necessary information about their potential client, so that when the services are called for, they can be delivered swiftly.

Since the services are customized and based on the individual needs of the clients, Tendercare services do not display rates for the various services offered. However, the rates are highly competitive and the quality of service offered is of the highest order. A high degree of professionalism can be expected when you call on them for their services.