Detox Clear Introduces Superior Products

While several web sites offer products designed to protect privacy and allow users to pass urine drug analysis, Detox Clear’s product line is superior for several reasons.

Online PR News – 03-February-2014 – Gardena, CA – Los Angeles, California — When it comes to products that help users find ways to pass a drug test at , quality is the most important factor in any product. For realistic results, products must produce not only synthetic urine but also temperature-controlled liquids as well as those that foam accurately and have the proper pH levels. Detox Clear’s Monkey Dong is a superior product to those sold on other websites because it embodies all the important characteristics necessary in any device designed to confound marijuana drug testing at procedures.

The Monkey Dong meets or exceeds the standards necessary to protect the privacy of anyone forced to take a urine drug test, including:

• Correct liquid color, temperature and foam level
• Correct “urine” pH level
• Correct specific gravity
• Realistic prosthetic with accurate skin tone
• Operates with only one hand with safety valve to prevent accidental discharge
• Made with medical-grade materials

Additionally, the Monkey Dong is often half the price of products of lower quality. Detox Clear makes all the products necessary for passing urine drug tests at at lower prices than almost any other competitor.

About Detox Clear:

Detox Clear is the maker of quality, pharmaceutical-grade components designed to allow those who are forced to take urine drug tests to pass them safely. Dedicated to protecting privacy and providing synthetic urine for drug test purposes, Detox Clear ensures that every product is of the highest quality and meets customer needs completely so that every client is completely satisfied.

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