R&D Diet Cookie Beats Popular Cookie Diets in Double-Blind Taste Test

R&D Diet Cookie beat four popular cookie diets in a double-blind taste test. The R&D Diet Cookie was rated as the best tasting by 56% of the subjects.

Online PR News – 12-July-2010 – – R&D Diet Cookie announced the results of a double-blind Taste Test of some of the popular cookie diets. The cookies tested were: R&D Diet Cookie™, Hollywood Cookie Diet®, SmartForLife™ Cookie Diet, Dr. Seigal’s® Cookie Diet™, and Soypal® Cookie Diet. The R&D Diet Cookie was rated best tasting by 56% of the subjects.

The experiment was carried out between 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM on 4 July 2010 in Houston, TX. After fully disclosing the aim of the experiment--to evaluate the taste of cookie diets -- 16 subjects volunteered. Subjects were male and female adults between the ages of 20 and 40 who stated they were currently on a diet. The experimental cookies were cut into small bite size pieces (in order to deter identification) and sealed in small, unmarked plastic bags. The five sample bags, A - E, were presented to subjects with a bowl of grapes and a glass of water (to cleanse the palate between cookies). Subjects were asked to rank the 'tastiness' of the samples relative to each other on scale of 1 (best) to 5 (worst). They were instructed to taste all of the cookies, in any order and as many times as necessary, in order to make a sound judgment. The rankings were recorded on data sheets. For more details of the experiment see their website.

In an attempt to eliminate subjective bias on the part of both experimental subjects and the experimenters, in this double-blind experiment, neither the individuals nor the administrator knew the identification of the bags. Only after all the data had been recorded did the researcher learn which bags were which.

"The results of this taste test underscore what our customers have always known: R&D Diet Cookies quite simply taste better than all the others," said Dorothy Palmer, Research Scientist with R&D Diet Cookie. Nutrition experts agree that very low-calorie cookie diets, when used as directed, can make the weight evaporate. But they say research has shown that most people won't stick with a very low-calorie diet for very long. “That may be true of someone going on a regular low calorie diet. It’s not sustainable. But using the R&D Diet Cookies in conjunction with any low calorie diet gives you the added tool you need to stay on a low calorie diet and lose weight quickly,” says Ms. Palmer. “The cookies eliminate hunger and cravings which is what ultimately causes you to fail on a very low calorie diet.”

R&D Diet Cookie is a weight loss program that promotes rapid weight loss. “There is nothing more motivating than seeing the pounds fall off when you weigh,” says Ms. Palmer. “If you are otherwise healthy, the cookie is designed to replace daytime meals… breakfast, lunch and snacks. They contribute about 400 calories total and completely eliminate hunger and cravings. When you eat a dinner of around 400 to 500 calories you are successfully on a very low calorie diet and you lose weight quickly.” “The hardest part”, she claims, “is convincing yourself that losing weight quickly is OK”.

Their website http://www.RandDDietCookie.com describes the cookies as being good for you. “… packed with the most effective, high quality protein blends, fiber, and good carbs, low in sodium, naturally low in cholesterol, and an excellent source of Omega 3’s and Vitamin E. From there you can enter a contest each month to win 5 days of their weight-loss cookies.

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