Abstract Watercolor Painting Techniques – Key to Becoming a Recognized Artist

Painting is an art of using pigments, paints and colors. Abstract art is one of the most popular painting arts that is composed of lines, forms and colors that give a reflection to the art. Get to know the basics of watercolor painting and abstract watercolor painting techniques to get recognized as an abstract artist.

Online PR News – 12-July-2010 – – Avon, Indiana 07.09.2010 – It is always a mystery how the other artists perform well, their secret or what do they do. Painting and drawing are our birth’s gift. To learn and improve the skill once revealed is most important. In that way, watercolor and abstract art is not as easy as we imagine. It needs special training and practice. One such mode that helps you to learn the basics of watercolor painting is ‘A Walk into Abstracts – How Did They Do That’, which is an eBook. This eBook teaches you how to do watercolor paintings and its basics too.

The varieties and styles in painting are immense in number. Watercolor is one such art which has been used by artists for ages. Even though watercolor is done mainly on paper, there are other medium on which it can be done easily and quickly such as leather, plastic, canvas and wood. Since painting is a medium through which we can express our message to the world, it is important to be familiar with numerous techniques.

Likewise, to learn the blend of watercolor on the painting palette is also important. One should know the outcome when colors are mixed. A little change in the mixture of colors can give you an entirely different result of shades. Only with experience it is possible to get the desired shade. Eventually, the abstract watercolor artist uses the color and form of painting as the subject matter. This art ranges from geometric to more fluid. With the help of this particular eBook you can lean the abstract watercolor painting techniques.

‘A Walk into Abstracts’ provides you all the information regarding how to get started with watercolor painting and also provides you training material in the form of DVD. Even though there are many tutorials available to learn abstract art, this eBook is unique as it has all the information of the great artists who have described in their own words the process and techniques they used to create the artwork. If you get 108 pieces of unique abstract artwork by 58 nationally recognized artists, what else do you need to get good knowledge and experience to learn abstract watercolor painting techniques?

About Sue St.John:
Sue St.John is an expert in painting and abstract art who has experience in this field for more than 40 years. She is a Signature Artist Member of the Kentucky Watercolor Society and has taught numerous art workshops across the USA. AWalkIntoAbstracts.com is the site by Sue St.John that speaks about the basics of watercolor painting. “How Did They do that?” is an e-Book that provides the secrets of abstract watercolor painting techniques.

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