Grab A Feel So Cancer Can’t Steal

Grab A Feel So Cancer Can’t Steal – Self Breast Exams Save Lives

Online PR News – 12-July-2010 – – There isn't a strong enough word or phrase to describe the destruction breast cancer causes. Everyone loves "boobies" and breast cancer's mission is to destroy them or worse - cause death. We have a simple mission - make sure the topic of self breast exams is alive every day of the week, every week of the month, every month of the year. Know your body and notice changes because an early detection is a great way to take control of your own health. Reminding the women you love to do a regular self breast exam is a great way to be helpful. We hope to provide information and tools that bring knowledge, awareness, and a little humor to this life and death situation which might be different from other cancer awareness websites. Additionally, we will donate up to 50% of profits to charity - the more we sell the higher percentage we donate! Our goal is to raise $100,000 and it will certainly take a tremendous amount of work to do so, we are committed.
We came to this calling because we donate time to a free cancer retreat organization named "Kokolulu" and we'd love for you to learn more about them. While many organizations focus on the medical side of cancer, their charity focuses on the mental side of the cancer battle because a strong mind is a powerful tool to beat this disease beast! To help increase awareness and/or reminders to do self breast exams, we will eventually create tees which become walking billboard reminders to do self breast exams and as a way to raise some donations for Kokolulu. However, if you want 100% of your money to go to charity, just directly donate it to Kokolulu or another cancer charity - all of our lives have been touched by breast cancer and we must defeat it! See people passionate about this topic on twitter by finding us at @tatatuesday or searching #tatatuesday, #boobiewed, @boobiewed, #kickcancer, and many others. As we say, grab a feel so cancer can't steal!
Veronica (shimmer418) and Christal (Honey_is_evil) are the founders of (boobiewed) on Twitter and we hope to work with them to continue to get the message out with our skills. Our "day job" is a company we own called which develops websites for companies and helps them market online - we want to use some of our company resources to make a difference. Please make sure to check out these women doing magnificent work that we hope to add to!
As we developed the site, we knew the logo would play a key role. The main part of our logo is the "hands" which are our nearly 14 year old daughter's hands to get across the point that it is never too early to begin paying attention to your body (she doesn't have cancer in case you wonder about that). Additionally, we think the logo will be provocative to "grab" attention so that women are reminded that self breast exams are an important part of their lives.
While we are not in any way associated with “Save The Tata’s”, we do fight the same fight! I hope this communication helps you understand a little about our goals and how we'd like to work together to kick breast cancer's ass! I can be reached on email at or you can @tatatuesday me since direct messages are so full of spam that I don't watch that communication.