mPowr announces publication of Martyn Pentecost’s ‘Bedtime Stories from the Woodland’

mPowr announces the publication of the latest multimedia title from Martyn Pentecost, Bedtime Stories from the Woodland. This full-colour book for grown-up children and child-like adults incorporates audio and online material via mobile devices.

Online PR News – 02-February-2014 – LONDON, UK – LONDON—mPowr today announced the publication of their latest title, “Bedtime Stories from the Woodland” by author Martyn Pentecost. This latest title is illustrated throughout in full-colour and integrates audio narration and online content when used in tandem with mobile devices which can recognise QR codes.

Adding to his repertoire of multimedia book titles (VAEOs) that have focused on games (Death By Chocolate: Murder at Truff Hall) or walking adventures (Whitechapel: The Jack the Ripper VAEO), Martyn Pentecost now steps into the genre of children’s tales and reinvents its shape and form.

These tales are not simply for children, no matter how enchanting they are. Indeed the tales contain much enchantment, illumination and humour that only grownups who retain a child-like fascination with the world around them can enjoy. The creatures of the Woodland Realm invite readers to share in their adventures whilst learning from their unique and often peculiar ways of viewing the ‘human’ world.

Hedgehogs, badgers, squizzles, woofs, talking trees, vicious wasps and trusting bees are just a few of the characters waiting to tell their story. Venture into groves of gossiping hazels, meadows abounding with flutterbyes and to the edge of a world aflame with sunset’s fire.

Bedtime Stories from the Woodland can be enjoyed simply as a traditional book of tales, however, with the extra material available using a mobile device (via the QR codes in the book) the reader can explore the virtual locations whilst listening to the stories unfold. The tales are narrated with accompanying soundtrack by the author.

A 4CD audiobook version of this title is also available. Both print and audiobook versions are available directly from the publisher ( or from online retailers.

Bedtime Stories from the Woodland—Martyn Pentecost, mPowr (Publishing) Ltd, ISBN 9781907282232, full-colour illustrated throughout, 120 pages, $19.99, CAD$21.99, £13.99, €17.99

mPowr (Publishing) Ltd is a UK-based publisher of traditional books, transmedia titles integrating print, audio, video and virtual content, in addition to training programmes. Martyn Pentecost, author and pioneer, has written more than thirty books covering fiction and non-fiction arenas, developed and trained students in innovative therapeutic, personal development and business success methods, and with the development of mPowr (Publishing) Ltd is an entrepreneur in a rapidly evolving publishing landscape. For further information visit: